Friday, 13 May 2011


Modified breather, new pump, re-checked everything from sump pick up to tank. Start up ride 2 miles and oil is bubbling out of breather, go home 200ml of oil in the sump. Wondering now why the thing was hung up in a bar for 30 years !.

Apologies for the stuff that seems to be going on with Google Blog systems, posts going missing, unable to sign in etc. Seems to be the same on everyones Blog. I guess it will sort itself out soon.


harvey said...

might be a stupid question but are all oil ways clear no gaskets covering any ways by mistake

Pete Stansfield said...

Done all that Harvey, twice. All gaskets off, all oilways blown through with air line, all clear, new timing cover crank seal. Presure release valve stripped and checked (its new anyway). Tried with oil filter bypassed. Time to sit and think i recon.

NomadK said...

Hi Pete had similar years ago turned out to be a flap of plastic gasket in the sump pickup that allowed air one way but not oil the other.Found it by poking wire through all the oil galleries.Was a long time ago.Keith