Friday, 20 May 2011


All the regular websites i have read take you back to the same piece of info that if a Triumph sump has more than 100ml of oil in it there is a wet sumping issue. Mine always had 170-200ml.
After trying everything and Googling all i could about Triumph oil accumulation problems i stumbled on an Australian site run by a guy who makes breather systems for old bikes. It refers to a problem encountered in 1967 when some new 650s were fitted with a sump gauze that was too restrictive and they were blowing oil of of the breather. Bearing in mind that mine hadnt been run for at least 30yrs and anything is worth a go i cut it off and went for a 10 mile ride, i have an in line oil filer anyway so its not needed. Got back and drained the sump, 80ml ! I still need to make a new breather system (having read up the info on the same site) and strip the top end to fix a pushrod tube oil leak but happy days....

Thanks to everyone who has mailed and phoned with suggestions, we are off to Turkey for a week so back here after the Bank Holiday.

Hope weather stays good for the Stockers Tea Party, have fun boys.


Guy@GK said...

Hooray! Glad you solved it.

Enjoy Turkey... just don't watch 'Midnight Express' before you go.

Steve@funkyflipflop said...

You & Ali have a great time mate...we'll have a drink for you!! said...

Happy holidays bud!!!

Speak soon x


Ben Hatfield said...

If you guys are anywhere near Marmaris palace, stop in I'll buy you a pint!