Friday 30 April 2010


Bought some cool vintage lids this morning from a local old guy who is moving house. There are a couple of Bell Stars, a Cromwell Corker and a lovely old S.Lewis leather piss pot (these were originally made for parachuting). I was lucky to find them, you are lucky you cant smell 'em.


Selling these Star (formerly Lake) flatslide carbs, 29mm, were on Triumph 650. Did intend keeping them but i could do with the funds towards the Joe Hunt mag i bought on eBay last night. Sorry if i outbid you but some things you just gotta have.

They're not cheap but if your boat is floating email me on Can post worldwide.

Thursday 29 April 2010

70s CHOP

A10 chopper at Olivers Mount road races in september 1971, discovered a few photos i took that day, i will post them over the next few weeks.

Wednesday 28 April 2010


Local bloke Big Stu Mills competes in hillclimbs on his modded TL1000s, here is is on the Dalby events last year. Either he isnt wired up right or he is very talented, i suspect it is the latter. He will be out this weekend at the two day festival of speed at Olivers Mount, Scarborough. Below are a few pics of bikes at the Mount last year just to show you dont have to be a suicidal lunatic with 130bhp to compete (helps though).

You can find info on this weekend and all other Auto 66 hillclimbs and sprints by clicking

The photos ive used are all by Photocet there are loads more from last years events , well worth a look.

Tuesday 27 April 2010


My regular visitors will probably know that Guy Bolton produces GKM, a superb magazine dedicated to vintage American and British custom motorcycles, if you dont already you should subscribe Here.
You may not know that his brother Adam, freelance journalist, photographer and regular contributor to GKM is launching his own magazine to further his (and your) devotion to Italian vehicles, called Italian Motor
Both give a lot to pursue their passions and deserve your support, stop reading other peoples and buy your own !

Photo shows the boys offering "constructive critisism" on someone else's mag at the weekend, I hope it isnt yours!.

Thursday 22 April 2010


A couple of years ago Chris and i went for a day riding speedway at Kings Lynn, if you want excitement, fear, anticipation, bruises, aching limbs and a good lunch its bloody great. We had a top day out taught by Aussie rider Kevin Doolan, riding first on Chinese dirt bikes followed by 125 Speedway trainer bikes then full on 500 Jawas.

Blue helmet me, green helmet Kev Doolan, oh you'd guessed !

One guy in our group had only ever ridden a twist and go so there are no excuses, the best £200 you will ever spend on motorcycling. Details

Tuesday 20 April 2010


A couple of old dears that came and went last year. Note the nice touches on the B31, gas pipe exhaust and plastic baby plate for the race number board.

Monday 19 April 2010


This little chap is my old man looking mildly shocked to have been caught wearing his sisters socks, shoes and PE bag, or perhaps it was his turn to clean out the fish. Mary, his sister, entertained the US military during WW2 and later became my aunt, she is still around but is now a bit short in the marble department. Pic taken around 1927.


A few more from yesterday, doesnt matter what your wheels are you could be thrashing 'em up the quarter..

Sunday 18 April 2010


A few bikes from Elvington Straightliners Drag racing today, this is the fist time in five years i havent been competing. I need to be on the startline not behind a camera, agreed ?.