Friday 20 December 2013


Bathtub Thunderbird is now finished and on the road or was.... headbolts were too long and hadn't quite nipped the gasket, who knew ? er, who checked ?...
...meanwhile the Martek GSXR is plodding along, lots of things nearly but not quite done. Had a tightness of budget and sprayed it satin black, not too happy with the result but may leave it that way now until it's finished. I have a want to write down each side in huge letters but I may get over that too, remember the Extreme Engineering Harris Magnum of about 15 years ago ? Had an interesting talk with Toddy (formerly of Martek) to find some more history on the bike and have been trying to get in touch with Keith Flint but so far with no success. It would be good to have some firm engine specs, the word is that he (KF) had a fair bit of engine work done after taking delivery but exact details are unknown.

Thursday 19 December 2013


Glasgow Al's XB32
"I was inspired to send you the most recent snap of my XB 32 progress after reading that kinda poetic
deviation piece which appeared in your blog. 
This bike f'kng hates me. It pisses me off at every opportunity, demands a skip load of cash outa my skinny wallet
constantly, refuses to start, pisses oil all over the joynt no matter how creative I get with making unique barriers of prevention and its 
slower than a six year old skateboarder but I love it like an ugly child.
So much in fact that I dont even need to ride it. I'm seldom more content than when sitting in my f'kd up auld chair just looking at it with a mug of tea in ma haun. lifes good"

Thursday 12 December 2013


I don't like the name Old Blu', why it is abbreviated ? if you leave a letter off but put a top tadpole its not really any shorter, still, it wasn't my doing and I think we're stuck with it..
Its had a busy year, the front wheel bearings are shagged, the fork seals don't leak any more so guess is they are empty and the left pot smokes like a Peaky Blinder but its still my best thing. Plans were made for a full stripdown and rebuild with girder front end, different wheels, motor etc but i just shouldn't.
I will have a look inside and mend its disease, tickle up the front end and alter the inlet manifold so the carb doesn't eat your trousers then its back for 2014, I would like, just a little, front brake though.

So I have a girder and wheels off a '38 T80 along with a doing pre-unit with big jugs 4 plugs and chrome Monoblocs, gearbox, tank, seat and other stuff but i need a frame, got anything for me ? 650 Pre Unit rigid or S/arm, modified or not....


Short stories of affairs of the heart (and Bantam ownership) by Dave Bevan.
......"my transport is an old motorcycle
beyond archaic
not to mention legality
which has worse brakes than either of the push bikes
and is only marginally quicker
and also sheds parts,
shakes them loose
some kamikaze mission of self destruction
which is perhaps down to the weight of years bearing down upon
or a very tangible indictment of a British motorcycle industry
which shook itself out of existence years previous ?
but i refuse to let it kill itself
with my impatient hands
and half-wits skill
i can just about keep that knackered mare on the road,
if not quite legal.
One of these days
one of these things will most likely kill
and/or maim me
and the few folks who know and/or care
will shake their heads, saying
well, you know, he had it coming....
and they'll be right
and they'll be missing the point
Buy it for someone you love this Christmas. Catch Dave at Happy Going Nowhere


Two more up for the chop this/next week. '96 WP 13,000 miles mostly standard. '90 M 1216 Big CC motor, good spec but don't know exactly 'till i split it, 40mm Mikuni Flatslides, Dyna, Aftermarket cam and front oil coolers with breather set up, carbon guard, anodised forks, JMC drag arm, polished hoops blah blah. Come on, who's going to be first to ask if i'm breaking the Porker ?


Dirtquake 3. Kings Lynn. Saturday 19th July 2014. Race your chopper, 7 months to go, no excuses.
Photo, Gareth Buddo.

Wednesday 11 December 2013


Colin came and bought a box of rusty Velocette parts yesterday. I would have thought he was taking on a a bit of a task but turns out he (with help from his family) built all these... although he did point out he only "rebuilt" the little one at the end !

Thursday 5 December 2013


We haven't had much to do with Traffic Wardens in Ryedale but the Pattaweyos are out in force now. The lady who gave me this colourful little bag with a "Failure to display a tax disc" notice in it hounds the citizens of Pickering daily. This is North Yorkshire, you can park where you like its a birthright and look under the seat at the back of the oil tank woman.
 I also got a £35 parking ticket...

Wednesday 4 December 2013


Great project. '72 matching numbers. Not registered in UK but comes with import certificate so just MOT and register with DVLA. Looks all good and sound, kick only, turns over with good compression. £2,000 (firm). Can organise delivery within UK.  SOLD

Tuesday 3 December 2013


From my friend Roland in France.
"FOR SALE this little bike or similar. Each models are hand made, so different. Made in stainless steel, alloy, brass, bronze. Around 40 hours of work (if i can tell that like that ) if interested, mail me to discuss at : "
Surely beats the crap little bikes made from copper wire and a spark plug currently available in all the "Christmas shops" (and car boot sales from January !)


Ben Hardman took over the business of Raysons (Formerly Unibend) in Rochdale two years ago and makes one off exhausts for just about any motorcycle. He has family links to Unity Equipe and his father Ray raced successfully in the UK Classic Bike championship. Great to see a young guy carrying on a family tradition and if you want anything from a fishtail for a vintage autocycle to a race system for a Triton this is the place to be. Check out Raysons business page on Facebook here 
Ray is currently looking for some scrap Triumph 650/750 unit crankcases and barrels to make a jig, if you can help please contact him via Facebook.

Sunday 1 December 2013