Monday 31 January 2011


The definitive list of all MCs in 1984 compiled by Maz Harris. Click on each page to read then if you get a blue magnifying glass icon click again and all should be clear.

Lifted from BSH No2.


You had your chance tight arses, on
Ebay now, 99p start price no reserve.

Sunday 30 January 2011


For a couple of years Ali had this 105E, it had a 1500GT motor, Classic struts and discs, the usual stuff. Fun little car but although it looked pretty on top underneath was getting too much like this weeks header photo so it had to go. I know when she sees this she will be wanting another..

Thursday 27 January 2011


Tidy 1100L Drag/Streetfighter in Helmsley market place last year.


A couple of months ago my old Aunt died, she was 90 yrs old and had lived most of her life a single lady doing as she pleased with whom she pleased. She was a teacher and used her holidays to good effect having travelled extensively.
When she was in her 60s she wrote her memoirs, they were never published but a few excerpts were quoted in some magazines. I was reading a couple of pages yesterday about her days at primary school in the 1920s in Rochdale. I have edited the wording slightly (sorry Mary).
"Our school was in an area of old property, most of it slums. To reach the school you passed Blossom Place: if ever there was a misnomer, that was it. There was a high stone archway joining two rows of noisome dwellings round a covered courtyard running with damp and filth and swarming with filthy children. Most of the girls didn't wear knickers except for school and all the toddlers seemed to be naked below waist level, so they all obeyed the calls of nature wherever they happened to be. The houses had no water, there was a communal tap in the yard, they had nothing that we would now call a toilet. Because of the room over the courtyard they had no direct light: the living conditions must have been fearful. Directly across the road was a cul-de-sac called Spring Gardens, just as poverty stricken but with a little more light !
It is difficult these days to visualise the grinding poverty and destitution of the twenties. Poverty is relative, what we now call sub-standard housing would have been a palace to these people, who frequently didn't have enough to eat and never had any money for even the smallest luxury. Many of the small children had to wear adult clothes cut down, little boys would wear trousers with the legs cut down and crotch half way down their stick like legs, usually they wore very old clogs. Girls slopped around in ladies shoes with the heels cut off and layers of unsuitable garments.
Malnutrition was rife with all its attendant diseases, the poorest children at school lined up to have a cup of Glaxo made with water and some cod liver oil, probably their only form of nutrition. Each morning we marched into the hall by class and stood shuffling and sniffing facing the headmistress. we sang a little song and said a prayer and then had a homily usually about cleanliness and the advisability of using a handkerchief instead of shirtsleeves. She would say those who cannot bring a handkerchief should bring a bit of clean rag. Since many couldn't bring any sort of rag let alone a clean one this was something of a lost cause".
Last nights main news compared the economic downturn of the last 3 months and the current big squeeze on living standards to 1920s. Fiona Bruce, as you sit behind your desk with your 35 grand a year clothing allowance, read this and don't talk shite.

Tuesday 25 January 2011


Every time i've heard her on the radio over the last 18 yrs or so i have wondered why i have never bought any of her music. I should do.


Monday 24 January 2011


At the moment i walk around telling everyone who will listen that the future of custom bikes lies with mid weight Jap aircooled twins. Ben has just bought a totally orgasmic fairing off me (the blue one in my Jan sales posts) that ive had for a while and he is hoping to fit it to his bike. Looking forward to the finished article...

Ben Wilson Design

Sunday 23 January 2011


Went for a bike ride (pedal !) this morning and ended up on some of the little roads that my dad used to go on when he would take me to Castle Howard Hill Climb in the '60s. The track was very narrow with a hairpin that was almost impossible to get round in a single seater, certainly no chance of a track licence nowadays. It used to finish in front of the stately home, very picturesque although as a young boy i wasn't interested in such things. I only had eyes for Minis and a nose for Castrol R ! Top photo is at Olivers Mount in '68, bottom is Castle Howard in '67.

2nd photo by Fotolibra.

Friday 21 January 2011


Havent had a home for this junk since i sold the SAAB (and the Triumph). I can't hang it in the van 'cos it hits me in the face when i'm driving, which is a worry.
2nd photo by Laura.

Thursday 20 January 2011


To cut a very long story short my van went onto 3 cylinders 50 miles from home coming back from France at the end of June so the following week i took it to my local "mechanic" to sort out. After much messing about with injectors etc the head was lifted to reveal a cracked exhaust valve, nice easy fix. No. Had a couple of new valves fitted then found the turbo was wrecked, a bit of exhaust valve had been rattling round in it so i had to source another one. After much prodding, the guy who was doing the job (with ever diminishing enthusiasm) finally got it back together but it wouldnt go, there was something wrong with the pump. Tried to find another pump but everyone i speak to tells me something different and it becomes apparent that my bloke knows fuck all about them which is marginally more than me.
During the sorry saga the thing ran out of MOT so i have now reverted to my original plan b of last year, break it up, but modern diesel vans are the work of Satan, to take them to bits you need several small children each with 3 hands. I have another Transit now but if this ever happens again i will set fire to it and happily watch it burn to a crisp.
If you need Transit parts (2002 2.0 FWD SWB Low Roof) come to me
*Van Aerial Disease; Old schoolboy joke. not funny.


Edward Tudor-Pole from the Great Rock and Roll Swindle.

Wednesday 19 January 2011


Been taking a Honda 4 chop to bits this morning then stood back and had a cup of tea. Right, close one eye, put a skinny, short front end in (these are 6" overs), and long low mounted prismic tank and this would have the lines of a cool digger for small money. The frame was done by Chris Ireland many years ago so is a quality job and the motor, an F1 SOHC, has only done 2,000 miles since rebore, new pistons, cam carrier, cam chain etc. £750. If theres no takers i'll carry on stripping...


Some collectable books and mags for sale. Dice issues 2 and 11 on Ebay now, go to "My Ebay Sales" look right.

If you have been following this blog for a while you may remember a book called Best Hot Rods that i borrowed in summer and featured a few cars from (click on the Hotrods tag) , printed in 1953 it has Lakes and Salt racers, Dragsters and Hot Rods of the day plus loads of speed equipment and "how to do's". I have been trying to find a copy since and now have two so here's your chance, 145 pages of real home built early 50s rods. £25 inc post. Also got Castrol Achievements 1965 featuring bike and car sport from that year. £6.

Tuesday 18 January 2011



A few years ago the press decided that the 3rd Monday in January was the most depressing day of the year. Everyone is up to their ears in Credit Card debt after Christmas and pay day is another week away, the weather is grey and cold and Winter has barely started. Towering over all that misery yesterday we also had poor Johnnys' funeral.
I have been to funerals before that promised to be a celebration of someones life that were not, but although very sad, yesterday really was just that. We listened to good speeches from family, work colleagues and close friends and i think we all, even his mum, learned something of the man. I also gained a slight appreciation of Tom Waits ! We chatted and drank with friends from UK, France, Belgium and Holland, and with his family. In a way Johnny stuck two fingers up at the media, although a result of a tragedy our blue Monday was a good day.

This is JR at last years Linkert Attacks as i will remember him, camera, cigarette and sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for bikes.

Saturday 15 January 2011


Shirley Muldowney, the first lady NHRA Top Fuel drag racer in 1971.

Heart Like a Wheel, The film of her life and career was made in 1983. Get out your Betamax and have a butchers, some good 70s footage of big blow ups and 6 second runs that seem to take 15 miniutes.

Her final run over 30 years later but get the Kleenex ready, its emotional....

Friday 14 January 2011


My GSXR1100L 1990 Proper original standard UK bike, well looked after and maintained, 28,000 miles, lots of bills and old MOTs. Hard to find a nicer one. Money in the bank...£1,800. SOLD

Ugly Betty, or what remains. A little bit of Streetfighter history...£400. SOLD

Both on Ebay from Sunday eve.


A kiss from Gaynor Royle and the BSH calendar '97 still hanging on the workshop wall by the skin of its teeth. No wonder i dont know what day it is.
Someone must know where this bike is ?

Update Fri PM.
And on a certain workshop ceiling in France !

Thursday 13 January 2011


Don Hyland bought The Parasite, the first double engined drag bike, in 1964 and a year later came over to the UK Drag Fest and ran exibition races with it. The top photo which sits above my computer desk shows him at Blackbushe.
In the 1980s John Melniczuk jnr, son of the original builder of the bike, tracked it down and restored it and it now lives in the AMA Heritage museum. Got to love Nitro and girders !

You can read the full story here

Wednesday 12 January 2011


Two generations of classics. My A10 with a Bentley down at Robs early last year and my old mans SS1 with his friends Venom sometime in the late '60s.


These dusty discs and stone age Sony provide my workshop sounds. I usually listen to the radio but if i am doing a bit of mens work (grinding, cutting and hitting things) i feed it a few CDs and hope it works. Last month when it was minus whatever i tried to play Trout Mask Replica but after 5 minutes it had only got 30 seconds in, trouble is with Captain Beefheart its hard to tell sometimes if its stuck or not.
This morning it peformed like a good 'un, no electronic experimental bollocks today, started with Jamie Ts Panic Prevention then Staind (what happened to Aaron Lewis or Fred Durst come to that?), QoSA Songs for the Deaf, The Cure live in Paris and Finally The Black Keys.

Sunday 9 January 2011


Owned this GS thou twice in the mid 80s, bottom photo is how it looked first time. Eventually had GSX running gear with turquoise wheels and black ET tank. Engine was built by Barry Gannon a former employee of Pip Higham, welded crank, big bore kit, flowed head, the usual stuff. Sold it to Will who ran it down the strip a few times, later i think the motor ended up in a local grass track otfit.

Saturday 8 January 2011


Walts' splendid 1927 James 350. He will tell you it is reputedly an ex works bike formerly owned by Albert "Cyclone" Watson.

Albert "Cyclone" Watson


Just a proper bloke.