Friday 31 December 2010


A year ago today in a moment of boredom i started Eat the Rich UK, the day after i posted the above photo of my Triumphs resting in the garden. Despite saying "i will never sell them" they have both gone to be replaced by some "greener grass" that of course never is. The only bike i still own that i had then is my BSA Super Rocket, which i may sell soon.
My intention was to just post photos and stuff from the past 40 years or so of my life but that has grown to include the lives of friends and even people ive never met, although through the medium of the internet we still call them "friends". Blogging has also turned me into a roving reporter looking at everything with a view to a scoop post.
The early part of 2011 will include a lot of parts and items for sale on here and via Ebay that ive collected over the years as i start to clear out my workshop, the first part of a plan for life that we all seem to make around this time of year. There are no Vincents or Knuckleheads but just looking around the walls this morning there is an awful lot of what could loosely be termed Automobilia.......or shite (and grubby shite at that).
My visitor counter, started in March, now shows over 70,000 hits and recently weekly visitors of up to 2,500. Stickers should be avaliable shortly followed by some very exclusive T shirts by the time its warm enough to wear them.
As usual feel free to send me any photos of your past cars, bikes, life or naked wife to help me with the coming years entertainment.
Finally good health and prosperity for the coming year to everyone and if i meet as many new people and old friends in fields and bars in 2011 as i did in 2010 it will be a good 'un, and wherever you go tonight make sure you go round telling everyone you have a horse outside.

Thursday 30 December 2010



Chop frame for Pre-Unit Triumph 650/500, professionally built using original bottom tubes and centre post from 1950 frame. Rake was built to take 12" over springers and 21" wheel. £350. Can send within mainland UK for £20.

Wednesday 29 December 2010


Hux from Sweden bought a Triton from me a couple of months ago, this is a '53 Triumph he is currently building. Watch this space...

Tuesday 28 December 2010



Could do with some cash towards the Triumph Chop, see any you like ?

Narrow Z's 6 from top SOLD.
Both sets of T bars 2nd and 5th from top. SOLD.

Monday 27 December 2010


Dragstalgia, Santa Pod July 16th/17th 2011. Like Hotrod Drags, but with bikes as well!



Come on down. Armitages 3 bike trailer, only been used to carry 2 small scooters behind a motor home. See "my Ebay sales" link as from tonight or come and give me £300 and its yours.


The bike that launched a thousand paint jobs, Jack Frost's Spondon Turbo GSXR. Form with a great deal of function. Photos from Streetfighters mag.


St James the patron saint of disappointment.

Thursday 23 December 2010


Build yourself a little desert racer for summer weekends, 1960 C15S (Scrambles) chassis with fully rebuilt '61 C15 motor and another '66 C15SS80 motor and enough spares and bits for a crash or two. Mail me on if you have a fancy or it will be Ebay bound in the New Year.


Always liked the old diggers with a body on the back as in the second photo in my last post, i guess they have a name but i dont know it. This lovely little Pinto powered rail was at the Hotrod Drags in September.


Some brilliant nostalgic photos off the American Nitro page on Facebook. There are nearly 3,500 to lose yourself in for a couple of hours over the holidays.

Wednesday 22 December 2010


The cats out of the bag, if you have a copy of GKM 18 you will have seen the first part of my Triumph chop feature, if you havent you should buy one (look right for links to GKM website and blog).
The original sad old thing was on Ebay in February this year and had to be bought, these things dont come cheap and although some said i'd got a bargain the parts that were usable without a lot of work were few and far between.
It as built back in the 70s in the States and had many period parts most of which have since been identified with help from good people like Mike Davis of Born Loser, Fury Springers, MPD finned primary, Hurst Airheart front brake, Starbust oil tank (i did find the makes name but forgotten it again), Paughco fuel tank and also it had a pair of Star (Lake) flat slide carbs along with many period clamps and fastners. The main reason it was so original is that it had been sat in a bar/restaurant somewhere in the US for many years before being imported to England in 1991. It had 2 UK owners but neither had done anything but dream so when it came to me it was pretty much as it had been built 35 odd years ago.
Bad parts, and there were plenty, the engine and box were seized soild, everything was covered in a good coat of rust, every rubber seal was knackered and the frame was bent...The engine had been drained of all fluids presumably due to it being in the bar and when the cases were removed was pretty rusty. The frame was the original '66 one modified with an J&D hardtail but i recon the headstock mods were only done by eye (and a partially blind one at that) so it went to local frame and tuning specialists JW Mc/s to be jigged straight. There was no sidestand mount or headsteady so i made some up along with a few other brackets and tabs and welded them on before it went for powdercoating.
As it sits now its painted, the engine is almost finished and is sitting in the frame, the wheels are done, lots of stuff re-chromed, "just" needs all the smaller things to finish that if you build bikes you will know take longer than everything else. But if you want to see it you will have to make sure you get issue 19.
The top photo is from the Ebay ad, it doesnt look much like this now.


Kev is selling his neat TL1000 streetfighter and its cheap ! mail him direct if you are interested

Tuesday 21 December 2010


Shouldnt really do this, i got to it via Stukas blog and he got it from Fingymoto. Ive been smirking to myself and singing it for a couple of days now, apologies if youve already seen it but its too good not to share.

Plenty more stuff from them on Youtube, worth a search while you've nowt to do over Christmas.

Monday 20 December 2010


Within a mile of EtR UK HQ. Almost perfect.


Built in the early 80s, ridden, sold on then reunited when he saw it at this years Hayride for the first time in 25 yrs. Now owned by Simmo of Dirty Bobbers Forum, Dirty Mag and radical dancing fame.


Some of these ive had since the 70s.

Sunday 19 December 2010


Virgil : Hey guys the engines gone.

John : No sweat Virg Lady P just called from England to say that Pete Stansfield has a Thunderbird motor on Ebay UK, man that guy is more of a saviour than Chris Moyles. Brains get bidding.

Brains : But guys the internet wont be invented for another 25 years.

Virgil : WTF ?!! Brains roll a fat one were all gonna die.

Brains : We cant die Virgil were only crap puppets.

John : F.A.B.

Thunderbirds are go...

Friday 17 December 2010


Five of my favourites from this years Mooneyes show, although there are tons more, pics from Daikoube, Monkeycustom and Sparetime.