Thursday 28 February 2013


Never has an event given more scope for blog post titles. The weather will be warm, the beer will be free, Sam will make you look a cool cat like Benjo. Its all kicking off Pru'.


Alioli and i just spent a day touring round what is left of the industrial heartland of Teeside. Its as long as you need, we gave in and headed for the seaside.

Tuesday 26 February 2013


Lee is selling his '98 883 Sportster. Low miles, low seat, low price. One day soon you are going to wake up and find it's spring and all you have is a half built heap of crumbs. Everyone needs a bike like


This was on UK eBay a couple of months ago, nicest i've seen for sale for a while.

Monday 25 February 2013


Pics of workshop invaders, some more welcome than others, from.....well i did know but i seem to have deleted the email, sorry. Hopefully i sent stickers

* Daz from Maidstone

Friday 22 February 2013


Generally i work beside the radio but when this comes on work stops. By the way Eddie how's the T140 that is staying standard ?

Thursday 21 February 2013


Marcello, Italy, hopefully... he did send me the pic quite a while ago.

 Jon regularly sends me photos of his superb stable (absolutely not a collection eh Jon) of classics. The Goldie street scrambler was out and about the lanes of North Yorks on New Years Day and he just happened to mention the family Vincent, photo one from 1954 and the other taken over 50 years later, still wearing its alloy rims and still regularly used.

 Tommi's 1100L from Finland.

 Andrew (Goosegreen) shows off his new apes, by now he will either have taken them off or have a neck like a prop forward.

 Nicks Shovel and his friend's Gramps bike shop in Florida mid '80s.

 Finally three great works in progress from John at AJ's Speedshop.


and barbecue night in Hull.....

Wednesday 20 February 2013

DJ's Z1


DJ Kinsley sent some photos of his newly restored 70's Z1 Drag Bike that his dad found in Dolan Springs, Arizona. It has a new and previously unrun motor with a Vertex mag, Denco frame, Cerianis, Hurst brakes, Phoenix slick, Tomaselli clip ons...all great period parts plus the duplex drive chain set up.

It works too !

Monday 18 February 2013


Peter Allan's Sprinter built by Baron's Speed Shop. Equally beautiful photos by Gary Margerum. Full details in last months Back Street Heroes.
He sold me Old Blu' back to make space for this, wise move..

Sunday 17 February 2013


 About ten days ago i finally found a Pop that wasn't 300 miles away. It falls into the "lots done lots to do category". I have already abandoned the idea of finishing it and decided to sell it on at least twice since then so the chances of it hitting the road under my ownership are slim.
 I already have some parts surplus to requirements...

TH350 later type with C3 logo on bellhousing, C/W torque converter £200.

Mopar 360 1991, complete with everything, was guaranteed to me a good runner £900
Very definitely collection only !  SOLD


13 books from the late 60s early 70s NEL series. All in "read" condition but all pretty good. £60 the lot plus post (Can post worldwide).


Thursday 14 February 2013


Since his well publicised journey to the Trip Out last year, gardener, skater, instrument-less musician, poet, cat lover*, cyclist, writer, traveller and motorcycle adventurer (these are just the talents i know of),  Dave from Nottingham has become a regular correspondent.
 He crashed his faithful Bantam late last year and on his 30th Birthday last month rode the rebuilt bike to London (and back) to visit a friends exhibition only to return and crash his push bike when the handlebars broke !

"Learning to be Content" from his book "The Music of Machines"
"all words, images and errors - Dave Bevan 2012. photocopied on the sly at various locations" to get yourself a copy go to Happy Going Nowhere Blogspot. I've read mine several times, well worth whatever meagre sum he charges for it. 

Now i'm being tempted by a visit to Nottingham with tales of local coffee bars run by nubile young ladies and a drop in at the legendary Duke's second hand record shop.

* OK an appreciation of cats isn't necessarily a talent but writing about them sort of is..

Wednesday 13 February 2013


This photo arrived in December from someone in Sweden, i asked for details and a name and address to send stickers to but heard nothing. Would love to see more of it.....

Tuesday 12 February 2013


Frame brazed up courtesy of Kev at RSD with new rear legs so she can run faster. Rolling chassis otherwise as was apart from a Coker tyre on the back and an old Avon racer on the front. Engine has been checked and rebuilt with 3134s, revised timing and a BTH mag, gearbox is from last years blue framed bike as are engine plates to replace the home made ones. We continue.......