Wednesday 28 July 2021



Hard to know what to say about the Mile, not a bike rally, not a race meeting, but undoubtably the friendliest bike event i've ever been to. Lovely people all trying to organise a huge number of racers ( i believe nearly 600) take part in events running up to 3 hours behind schedule but somehow it all seems to work. Please though, get a bigger bar for next year....and more food stalls.  I will be coming back !
As i was competing (queuing) i didn't get much chance to take photos but there were almost as many photographers as bikes so i'm sure you will find loads on Instagram/FB etc over the coming week. 
Of the pics i did take this lady pretty much sums it up, she is one of many happy girls all helping out non stop and always with a big smile. When you're hot and have queued for ages and your bike won't start because you haven't plugged your lanyard in a smiley face in white overalls shows up asking if you are enjoying yourself, and suddenly you are.
I had intended on racing the sprint, hill climb and Malle 100 but after some over revving on the hill and subsequent misfiring i retired for the day to spectate (and queue for a beer). 

Dead bike photo by Alison


DKW racer at the Castle Saturday night.

 *If you are American i believe you spell it queuing but we are British and we invented it so its queueing. 

Friday 23 July 2021

French Long Tourer

 1982 Harley Shovel FLT for sale. French registered from new, it was bought by my friend Pete 20 yrs ago to keep at his place in Annecy and occasionally ride home to North Yorkshire. During that time the motor top end was rebuilt by Matts Machine shop and gearbox rebuilt with new Andrews gears, it runs spot on. 

 The last time it was used was to ride back to the UK when Covid hit and it has remained here unused since. It will need some re-commissioning and small jobs,  clutch drags, left front caliper needs freeing off, battery doesn't hold charge and general servicing. 

It comes as shown with genuine bags and crash bar covers.

Currently there are no registration papers, we are trying to find these although they are in France which doesn't make things easy. There is no NOVA certificate, import duties have not been paid. You would need a dating certificate and then pay import duty/VAT (5% on a vehicle of historic interest). I can supply the appropriate receipt.

Price is £5,800. I can help arrange delivery within the UK.

You can contact me on 07969050019 or


Wednesday 14 July 2021


Blimey, we've been dormant for over 7 years  !  I always said  (to myself) i would bring back this blog in some form if i ever got to a million hits and here we are. Its going to take me a while to try to get the hang of working it again but i might just give it a go...................