Monday 30 July 2012


More in a bit.


Best of events, best of times with the best of people. Still trying to sort out some half decent photos but should be a few over the next couple of days. Rods, bikes, girls, tattoo's (possibly a few too many girls and tattoos). Have a look back later.
Big congratulations to Anna and team for getting it so right yet again. If you've never been start planning for next year now.

Thursday 26 July 2012


The tune of 2012. Alt-J's  Tessellate. The video is based on Raphael's School of Athens. You will've heard it, now you can hear it again.

Do you Instagram ? like Facebook for photographs without all the re-posting and endless stolen statements of life. You can find me at eattherichuk, a mini blog without the ramblings. I should be putting a few photos on over the weekend from the Hayride so if you can't make it you can see what you are missing.

See you at Bisley, back here Monday.

Wednesday 25 July 2012


" Hi, i believe you have an old American car for sale"
"Yes its a 1930s Dodge racing car but its a bit of a wreck, come over and have a look if you like"
Its only 20 miles away, i'm on the bike and there within the hour................................
Is it 1930s ? no. Was it a racing car ? no. Is it a Dodge ? who knows ? is it a wreck ? bet your bloody life its a wreck. If you want it i can give you the details but you wont be going to the Hayride in it, ever.


Michel, Phoenix.

Vic, Leeds.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. Peter Pan, London/Brighton/Whitby/Geneva. Pete the navigator rode down to Linkert with us and broke the clutch 20 miles from Jars. Once fixed he then travelled on to Geneva and has been playing in the sun for a week or two. Came home cut the pipes, took off the front guard and then got bored so he is going back to France at the weekend.

Will bought this Triumph chop frame off me a while back, promptly cut it up and made himself a new hardtail and de-raked it. Great to see young guys keeping this sport going. Look forward to seeing it finished Will.

Usual deal, send me photos with your address and i send you the world famous sticker set, for nowt. There's spoilt you are boy, as they say in Low level hell

Tuesday 24 July 2012


For this weekends Hayride as well as magazines, T shirts, stickers, chopper and Triumph parts for sale i have six of these beautys left. Not £25, not even £20.............come and see me on the Greasy Kulture stand, sooner the better. 


I sat and looked at it, a lot. Perfect chopper Benny said, UK's best Triumph chopper Guy said, but they were wrong, there are things that i just don't like about it. If you build bikes you will most likely feel the same way sometimes. I have never stripped and altered a bike i have built before, i just sell them when i am fed up and move on to something else. I have been collecting parts for a new Triumph but to be honest it will never be quite as good as this, it isn't perfect and it isn't the best......but it will be. I fitted a ribbed rear guard slightly wider than the stainless one that was on before and moved the sissy bar back a touch, happier already.
So now i have a modified '54 rigid frame, Pre-Unit 650 motor with 9 stud top end, Norton model 18 Girders and a '54 Thunderbird Log book to sell. If you have a fancy i can deliver to the Hayride Friday.
Forget that, keeping the frame, you know me once ive made up my mind........


 Dave Degens' Dresdas.

Monday 23 July 2012


1931 Triumph Junior 150cc at Will and Walter's place a few weeks ago. Two speed, both desperately slow.

Saturday 21 July 2012


Coming to an event near you...... so long as its Newark tomorrow or Hayride next weekend.
Design by Scarlett (see Thursdays post) and lettering by Gemma Bigboolies who also does my Ts.