Sunday 30 October 2011

Saturday 29 October 2011


Due to some dark politics there are two black weekends at Whitby this autumn, the Fringe this weekend and the Festival on the 4th 5th and 6th of November.
If you do Goth, Steampunk, Metal, Victoriana or even if you are just a Panto Girl make your way over the windswept moors in search of eternal damnation and a bit of a laugh.

Friday 28 October 2011


Rowan is selling his '05 Twincam to finance a vintage tractor. Lots of expensive mods to make it go and ride better rather than to make it look like a Tuctuc...which is nice. I am not a big fan of modern HD's but this is a good looking bike.

More pics and full spec atSprunghubs and Hardtales


If its in the photo and attached to the bike in top pic but not in bottom its for sale


Thursday 27 October 2011


Bring and buy, bat and ball, bubbles and Bonnevilles


Bubble visors, four only new still in bags, yellow, dark and pale grey tint flavours £20 each, chrome £25 and one good second hand green vari tint £15. Order now and pick 'em up at Rollerburn.
Both grey tints on left and chrome now sold.


To fuel my addiction to '70s Bike magazines i recently bought these off Ebay and it turns out they are being sold to help raise funds forNABD
They are selling them under the usernames Mr_Creature and BSH_raising_funds_for_n.a.b.d. so you can feed your habit and have a little warm feeling at the same time. They will also take your mags if you have any you want rid of, contact Stephen via any of their sales.
Give them your support, these people do good work and none of us know when we may need them.

Tuesday 25 October 2011


Dave Watkins is a walking skip full of facts and figures on the works Escorts of the '60s and '70s, this is the 5th one he has ressurected and as usual a top job. It is a '69 Twincam that competed on the Acropolis Rally of that year driven by Ove Andersson, he did reel off its full history but my attention span wasn't long enough.
Once finished he brings his cars to Tiddles next door to have the suspension set up and to his credit he then goes out and bounces them off trees as nature intended.

This one will be competing on the RAC Historic Rally in December. Hopefully better weather than last years event.


Monday 24 October 2011


Yesterday i bought a Triumph frame on t'ebay, only 3 miles out of town, 100% sound straight and even (some) original paint, and very very cheap. Collected it this morning and tried in a wheel i have that someone told me is pre-war Triumph... like a glove. New project ! i dont even want one, my chop still isn't as good as i would like and the drag bike is wanting a bit of titivating in the hope that i can get a final run out on it this autumn. I was going to re-vamp the A10 this winter as well.
Some things just have to be, i have an iron T'Bird motor and gearbox, i need : rigid rear engine and gearbox plates with adjusters, set of girders, front wheel (Tiger Cub, Bantam trials ish ?), shitty seat thats about it. Now i really need to sell something..
Mr. frame seller also has a Model T Ford and an Austin 7 to sell before he emigrates to NZ, i tried not to look.

Badges from Amsterdam, in the post this morning a little packet from Marcel at Motor Parade, didnt ask just sent 'em. Love thy fellow blogger.

Thou should'st not start building another Triumph.

Sunday 23 October 2011


Austin, Nottingham whose band The Hip Priests will be playing at Rollerburn.

Barry, Austin.Texas.

Ben, London.

Bryan, Bedale. N.Yorks.

Nic's dad, Birmingham. Alabama.

Rob, Wycombe.

Rowans dad, Blandford.

Thursday 20 October 2011


Paul from Hove sent pics of his bikes through the years. That Harris is Haagen-Dazs (cookies and cream flavour).

I sent him some stickers, if you want stickers blah blah......