Thursday 31 May 2012


All Laura's calendar photos by Scott at Life photography, Pickering.


TT time. If you're going you are probably already on the way hoping it's not going to piss down all week. Will the detemination of George Dance win him the sepia Senior ? and have you remembered to pack your suit and weskit?

Come and make an arse of yourself at the Farmyard Party on the 15th/16th. Reliant trikes, smelly fires, blokes dressed as women, tribute bands and big eyed twats bouncing jap 4s off the rev limiter in the middle of the night, oh and probably mud. But lovely roads to ride on, Helmsley market place, cheap beer and look at the view....and every now and then a engine goes bang at 4 in the morning, which is nice.
Get home sharpish Sunday for Fathers Day presents and my Wedding Anniversary but you could stop off at Ash's Fathers Day Retro meet at Wombleton (about 5 miles out of Helmsley).

Finally there's a 1,400 mile round trip from Malton to Jars on a dripping old Triumph. Rode the chop for about four hours last Friday............
Might take July off.

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Tuesday 29 May 2012


                           BBC4 tomorrow (Wednesday) 10.00pm Evidently John Cooper Clarke.


Looking for love.

Monday 28 May 2012


Modern Triumph chops are not really my thing but Nail's Thunderbird has to be the exception.

Sunday 27 May 2012


Jon sent this photo from the Handlebar in Singapore where he "found himself" last night, i don't think he means spiritually. Panhead beer or Margheritas mixed by a 4 stroke engine, also sent me a link to his mate Shaun's webpage, some clever stuff going on here.

Saturday 26 May 2012


Some prettier than others... You want some stickers ? mail me photos to with your address.

Thursday 24 May 2012


Due to I phones being too stupid for words yesterdays post got deleted so here 'tis again. Destiny Cycles Carousel on course for Beaulieu in a few weeks. Heard a rumour that they may have a blog of their own soon so get your shades ready.


I spoke briefly to Rod before the chopper race on Saturday, he told me he had built the bike in 1985 but back then it had two engines and was pink, straight away i remembered it, even had a photo of it on my computer from a BSH feature in 1989. He cut it up and rebuilt it as a more conventional chop a long time ago and it has sat in a corner for the last few years. Now he has new plans and enthusiasm..

Tuesday 22 May 2012


Survivor from the North East. Frame with V5c (frame sold still got V5c), 1963 original number (not original frame), 350 T21 engine looks complete and good but will need stripping. New pipes, Bates light, hex oil tank, coffin tank SOLD, conical alloy hub with drum brake stainless spokes and 16" rim, Drag Specialities seat (best one i have ever had)SOLD. If you see anything you like mail


 Gareth came down with me and these are some of his photos. If you want to reprint any of them please credit Furmoto photography.



Monday 21 May 2012


Ben's XS650, been sat in a shed for years just waiting for the day.

Top bloke Rob travelled up from Devon and it's probably fair to say he enjoyed himself. Have a look on dirty rags and smelly fingers for the full story. Had a fine win and a second place (i think).

Team talk.

Rod's '70s survivor Triumph, another chop that has been sat for years waiting for inspiration. More on this bike in a while.

Trawler was given a hefty looking Z for the day that would have been a handful even on the road. the look says its all over, the muddy trousers says its been over.

 Milo (Mert Lawwill) Hiscox, still carrying Red Marley mud qualified top for the final, hit the dry line and left 'em for dead on his 45. Still with a foot clutch and hand shift and now looking for a new challenge.

Sorry no action shots, it was all too far away for my photographic skills and equipment. Gareth was with me for the day though so hopefully some pro stuff soon.
I know what you are thinking, i was there, i have a chopper..........


Couldn't resist gatecrashing someone elses photoshoot of Sideburn's Ben and family .What are the chances of an under 5s pink bicycle race next time ?

Sunday 20 May 2012


It happened, it started cold and muddy but it got better (but not warmer). More later, lots more including chopper racing, girls in torn tights, family values and more mud.