Tuesday 31 May 2011



Hux in Sweden bought my Triton last year and sent a photo of the pre-unit 650 he was building (see Dec 29th). It is finished now and it's a corker.


Rolled edge, 17" x 5.5" rear 3.5" front. Original anodising, nice and straight, complete with hubs, bearings and excellent 300mm Pro-lite discs. You wont find another pair. Mail me tri650@live.co.uk .


Sunday 29 May 2011


Today i found what was probably my first Motorcycle book at my mothers and waiting in the post box at the workshop was Road Course, my most recent, bought on Ebay before i went away.
This is an excerpt from the Ladybird book...


Friday 20 May 2011


All the regular websites i have read take you back to the same piece of info that if a Triumph sump has more than 100ml of oil in it there is a wet sumping issue. Mine always had 170-200ml.
After trying everything and Googling all i could about Triumph oil accumulation problems i stumbled on an Australian site run by a guy who makes breather systems for old bikes. It refers to a problem encountered in 1967 when some new 650s were fitted with a sump gauze that was too restrictive and they were blowing oil of of the breather. Bearing in mind that mine hadnt been run for at least 30yrs and anything is worth a go i cut it off and went for a 10 mile ride, i have an in line oil filer anyway so its not needed. Got back and drained the sump, 80ml ! I still need to make a new breather system (having read up the info on the same site) and strip the top end to fix a pushrod tube oil leak but happy days....

Thanks to everyone who has mailed and phoned with suggestions, we are off to Turkey for a week so back here after the Bank Holiday.

Hope weather stays good for the Stockers Tea Party, have fun boys.

Thursday 19 May 2011


Len Wellard's Fuchica from 1974.


I need a favour (in exchage for a free T shirt, stickers and lifelong gratitude).
If you have a good running unit con 650/750 Triumph i need you to run it until it is warm, turn it off and within a couple of minutes or so take out the sump drain bung and drain whatever oil is in there. Then measure it and tell me the outcome.
I know what it says in books and on all the websites,forums and blogs, which usually takes you to the same page anyway, i just want a practical personal reading to use as a guide as to what mine is doing.
Mail me on tri650@live.co.uk i am away for a week from Saturday morning so anytime next week would be great.

See Harvey's comment below ref Wassel power module, can anyone help with that also ?


All taken from the top of Sutton Bank. First in December '10, bottom one last week.

Wednesday 18 May 2011


A short story in which i am a tit and a day gets wasted.

Since i "finished" my chop i decided it needed a tall sissy bar despite having always envisaged it without one. First i got Benny to make me one to my design and measurements, it is spot on but looks too wide at the bottom with the skinny tyre so rather than alter it i got some bar and designed another using some 1" ball bearings on top like the one on my T shirt design. Will welded it up and made a top job as usual then he welded it to the existing bar/mudguard bracket that was on the bike to start with, it looked great, then i put it on the bike and it looked dreadful. I bent it back a little at the top but not much better, then cut about 6" off and welded the balls back on crossed over at the top, looked pretty neat (for my welding) but still looked crap on the bike. So at about 4.30 this afternoon i cut it off altogether.
Yes the engine's all up and running again and it still wet sumps, very gradually but the longer it is running the worse it gets. For about 10 minutes it is fine then starts blowing oil out again. Next step is to get hold of a vacum gauge and see what sort of reading we get there i recon, although actually the next step is to go on holiday and leave the thing to consider its future.


Banana County Choppers at Bridlington scooter rally last year.

Tuesday 17 May 2011



The Old Grey Whistle Test was our musical salvation in the 70s, initially hosted by Richard Williams then whispering Bob it was where i saw many of my favourite bands for the first time.
In its heyday it was the thing i most looked forward to every week. Now i can hear a band on the radio and within the same day listen to and watch their full back catalogue via the web, not so exciting is it ?

Top shirt Wilco.

Sunday 15 May 2011


Classic Viz 1993. Part 2 tomorrow.


Head about ready to fit on the Triumph motor for the Haymaker Dragbike. Hopefully built up and back in the frame next week.

Saturday 14 May 2011


A bizarre event took place this afternoon when a man and woman partially dismantled a motor cycle in a lay by at Scotch Corner before putting it in the back of a maroon Ford Focus car and heading north leaving a scruffy smaller man with a hat holding a pair of dusty wheels, if anyone has any information or witnessed the incident Newcastle Police have advised them to say nowt.

For an alternative version of events see Fumes and Gears in my blog list.

Friday 13 May 2011



Modified breather, new pump, re-checked everything from sump pick up to tank. Start up ride 2 miles and oil is bubbling out of breather, go home 200ml of oil in the sump. Wondering now why the thing was hung up in a bar for 30 years !.

Apologies for the stuff that seems to be going on with Google Blog systems, posts going missing, unable to sign in etc. Seems to be the same on everyones Blog. I guess it will sort itself out soon.

Thursday 12 May 2011


Buy my little '74 500/4.

Every day i say im going to put it on Ebay and every day i talk myself out of it, make a brilliant Brat style/flattracker/chop/cafe racer whatever. I have my chop still to get sorted, drag bike to build and two other bikes that i am supposedly enjoying rather than sitting in a shitty workshop cutting and grinding, so give me £300 and take it to a better place. Everything is good and sound, only downers are some fins broken on block and its Q reg. You get what you see, which is all you need ! SOLD


Tuesday 10 May 2011



George who does my machining work built the fabulous Rhubarb in the early 90s and raced successfully in Supertwins. It has been in bits for a few years now, he is always threatening to rebuild it without the blower and use it on the road but his time is taken up racing a flathead V8 Grenfell Special for now.

Monday 9 May 2011


You will need sound on.


Not there yet but making progress, maybe tomorrow..


XS at the bottom was at Scorton Autojumble a couple of weeks ago and the Pan at the top is brand new by Paughco POA. Sprung hub Triumph gets my vote though.