Wednesday 30 November 2011


Now in stock, 1.75" brass exhaust rings for Triumphs (push over stub type). £40 pair post free, add £5 for outside UK.

BMW 316i Touring. 20 years old but solid as a rock, nothing ever goes wrong because there is nothing to go wrong. No ABS, traction control, central locking, computers or any of that garbage. 5 speed manual, 30mpg. Tested until next July and a month of tax. Ultra reliable, doesnt use or loose any fluids. This little car and i have bonded over the last 9 months but its time for us to part. I would happily set off anywhere in it tomorrow. You give me 800 smackers and drive off with a smiley face.

Sunday 27 November 2011


Denis, Belgium. '63 Plymouth Valiant. I love this car.

Casi, Romania.

Derrick, Des Moines.

Marc, Iowa.

Nigel, France.

Robert and bros, Colombus Ohio, Robert restored the Rickman Z1 originally owned by Craig Vetter.

Steve, Warwickshire.

Send me pics, i send you sticks.

Saturday 26 November 2011


When Guy presents an award you just know its not going to be a piece of tatty turquoise plastic. Whoever wins this at Mooneyes show in Yokohama next weekend is a lucky man.


Friday 25 November 2011


A few weeks back someone gave me a box of gearbox bits which on closer inspection turned out to be mostly rigid Triumph, handy since i need one. Set too building it up this week to find that although my books of knowledge say that all Pre-Unit gearboxes are the same i seem to have two different diameter layshafts and various different gears and selectors. I stripped another rigid box i had with a damaged casing and after making up a layshaft bush and buying a couple of bearings we are ready to go. My Haynes manual for pre-units says assemble with the cam plate in 4th gear position without actually telling you what that is. I am presuming it is with the little hole to the top, can anyone confirm before i go ahead ?

Update. Worked it out..this is how it should sit to assemble.

Thursday 24 November 2011


In the same issue of Street Chopper as the AEE Triumphs is an article on UK chopper shops, this is Leon Wallace's place in Putney, even more of a shit hole than mine but they do have a Vincent motor casually lying around. Does the Panhead chop sitting out front look familiar ? If you've been paying attention It should do


AEE Choppers built these two near identical bikes for 7 Up in 1971. What you cant see in the photos is a little rack on the back of each bike to hold bottles of pop, possibly the first theme bikes built for a major company.
I first saw them on AEE blog, it seems the only feature was in Street Choppers in '72 so i tracked down a copy.

Wednesday 23 November 2011




Built by SRM to full RGS spec with needle roller main bearing conversion, done less than 3,000 miles since, superb motor, no issues. £1,500. SOLD

Monday 21 November 2011



Someone asked me what was so special about this bike..everything.

Oh yes sorry Rollergirls....probably tomorrow.


Brass Triumph exhaust rings, 1.75". This is a pre production pair, been fitted to my own bike to check they are OK. Will be stocking these in a couple of weeks.

FCR 39 Keihin Flatslides for R1.

polished stainess one off forward controls, well made.

Copper rear guard, im guessing you havent seen another. Well made but has had a few repairs and brazing over the years. Ideal for your Steampunk bike.

Tidy Wassell tank.

Bars all 7/8" all good and straight but need powder coating or re-chrome.

Sunday 20 November 2011


It has never happened before and will never happen again. Roller Derby, custom and race bikes, art, cakes, clothes, bicycles, skateboard slalom, roller sprinting, men in goggles, custom bird boxes, drag racing, comedy, Guy Martin, bands and girls...girls with very short shorts...lots of girls with very short shorts.
Ali, Ell and i had a good day on the GKM/EtR stall and it was great to chat with the people i only usually see in summer and to meet more new faces of readers of this tripe. Early start again this morning for the Autojumble which was pretty busy for a change to meet up with some "Rollerburners" looking like they'd enjoyed the night.
Ben, Gary and the boys from Sideburn magazine take a bow, it was brilliant. Rollergirls tomorrow !