Sunday 28 August 2011


Tidy softail on the Warrs stand at the Ace on Saturday.


Colne Blues Festival August Bank holiday 2010


Bec and James took me to watch Rhinos play Warriors in the Challenge cup final yesterday. Top breakfast at the Ace cafe then to Wembley for warm fizzy piss at £4.50 a pint.

Bottom photo for all non pie fans..

Friday 26 August 2011


Someone has outbid my trifling attempt to win Benny's ironhead ! If you want something with more class than Joanna Lumley saying "cripes" in a pyramid get here now. I may not be finished yet though...
While you are there have a shufty at my New Imp, must sell, unmissable, unrepeatable bargain etc.


Stripped the top end of the chop (again) the other day and while looking for possible sources of noise decided the pistons had a bit too much slap in the bores. Took 'em off and had the bores measured, i did it when i first built it but this time i took them to a local engineering company to have them measured properly. Fully expected them to be way oversize but max 2 thou wear on standard they said, pretty good. Took them the pistons, negligible wear they said and both the same but...they are undersize by about 6 thou ! these are standard original Triumph (Hepolite AE) pistons that the bike left the factory with. Couple this with 2 thou wear and we have the whole reason the thing has always blown a mist of oil out of the breather.
There are probably lessons to be learned here but when you have a totally standard size motor that has quite possibly never even been apart before and done very few miles (remember it was hung up in a bar for 15 yrs then has sat unused for another 18yrs since imported to the UK) and the bores and pistons look fine.....

New pistons and a rebore and we continue....

Thursday 25 August 2011


Mike's Escort 3.5 originally built nearly 20 yrs ago by flathead V8 specialist Pete Robson and refined over the years. A real street sleeper. Half of North Yorkshire is waiting for him to sell it.

Wednesday 24 August 2011


From yesterday afternoon, Mike's V8 Escort and Beano's 7/11. Mini features on both coming soon.


Got the chop motor back together, new valves/guides/seats the works. Started easily and sounds good has a tap. Done the tappets again, still has a tap.
Might be nothing much but knowing my luck it'll be t'valve hitting t'piston or summat equally crap.

No doubt it'll be in pieces on t'floor again by t'weekend, bugger.


There is no excuse for this sort of thing.

Tuesday 23 August 2011


Chaps enjoying the Great British outdoors on Great British singles earlier this year. Photos by Tim O'Regan and Gareth Buddo.


Rotrex C30-94 supercharger with bracket and idler pulley, PWR barrel intercooler (water to air) and Forge Motorsport Supersize dump valve. All been fitted to 3.0 race car engine but never used. Over £2,500 new, for sale for less than half that or will split. Blower should suit big engined Harley, Hayabusa etc. SOLD

Monday 22 August 2011



Had a ride over to Elvington yesterday afternoon to watch the Straightliners top speed and wheelie record boys. Main attraction was Patrick Furstenhoff (the original Ghostrider) attempting to beat his pop up wheelie record of 216mph but apparently his motor had melted on Saturday.
Another big attraction was the Y2k Allison aero jet powered bike, a sort of sports bike version of a Boss Hoss (Jay Leno has one (natch)), it finally recorded 195mph over the flying kilometer, beaten by quickest girl Becci Ellis on a Hayabusa ! Fastest speed was as usual Jack Frost of Holeshot Racing at 244mph.

Even more impressive though are the wheelie record boys, every year the speeds get higher and more unbelievable. This shot (Nicked from streetfighters blog) is Shane Egan last years winner at 181mph. This year despite the breeze six riders went faster, top dog being Baz Brittain at 191.7 ! This is not a pop up wheelie, competitiors must do the full flying kilo with the front wheel off the deck. Now even if you could do this just imagine that after over a klick without contact with the ground the front wheel isn't rotating very fast, you are doing 190mph and you have to put it down....

Sunday 21 August 2011

Zzzz Mmmm

Invaders on a Z1.

Buy it here


While we were in the Highlands we took the opportunity of visiting Steve Plowman at The Studio at Achnasheen. Nearly 10 years ago Steve bought my black T120 (which he still owns) and we have kept in touch since but being 400 miles apart we had never met before.
The Studio houses not only a cafe and shop selling beautiful home made jewellery but also a stroked Indian Scout flat track special, a Commando desert racer and many other parts including a freshly rebuilt Chief motor.
If you are up that way call in for coffee and dont leave without one of Rosie's banana and chocolate buns.

More of Steve's stuff here

Friday 12 August 2011


Alioli and i are off to the Isle of Skye for a week tonight, if it rains (if !) i have plenty of badass reading. I've purposefully not started on this months BSH and only done a chapter of No Angel (lent by Tiddles) then today Guy sent me Tony Thompson's Outlaws book and latest GKM, best not forget me ready readers.

The only person i know of who comes from Skye is Danny MacAskill. In 2009 he worked in a cycle shop in Edinburgh then his friend made this film and put it on Youtube.

Within a week it had over a million hits and the fame brought him sponsorship from Red Bull enabling him to make the film Way Back Home the story of a journey from Edinburgh to Skye. If you havent seen it there is a link at the end of Inspired Bicycles, it is THE best thing on Youtube, really.

and i will never forgive Michelle Collins for Kenny getting drowned...
and there had better be Puffins...

Back a week on Sunday.

Thursday 11 August 2011


He fell off the seat a few minutes later but never woke up.


Louise keeps her lovely pair in a Triumph, her other tit will unfortunately be back on our screens giving his views on the Premiership this Saturday.

Wednesday 10 August 2011


Aprilia RSV Mille 1000cc 2002. Taxed and tested, starts runs and rides spot on, just plastics damaged. Easy Tuono project. Super cheap at £1350 quick before it gets stripped.




Brad and Jeff, Bonneville.

Alan, Glasgow.

Clive, Aberdeen.

Greg, Austria.

Juanjo, Barcelona.

Juergen, Germany.

Mick, Melbourne.

Tark, London.

Tomas, Acton.

Tuesday 9 August 2011


Long time reader Scratch is selling this Mod A Pickup, Rodline body, 305 SBC, TH350, Winters axle, Willwoods etc.....all sorted and regularly driven. £14k is the asking price, contact him direct on 07809705080. Located in Devon.