Wednesday 30 June 2010




Dirty breakfast.

Best beard award.

Dont know who he is but he was always there.


Tosh getting fed up of holding his Coke for photos.

From East Enders to East Germany.

Joe cool.

Katherine, Olivier and Louis.

Coke float at the OK Diner, like awesome.

Tuesday 29 June 2010


900 miles in the van, 400 on the bikes. Red hot weather, the best company you could wish for and apart from rattling like a bag of spanners in the heat my shovel never missed a beat. Met loads of good people at the rally who were previously just names to me and had the best time. Not had time to sort and photoshop my snaps yet but here are a few from the ride down.

More tomorrow.

Monday 21 June 2010


Apart from a Lancia Beta Coupe many years ago the only Italian vehicle i have owned is this 70s Cinzia chopper. It came to the UK with a consignment of Italian classic bikes and i bought it 10 years ago at Newark Autojumble just because it is so mad. I restored it and Ellis wobbled with a friend on the back into a load of nettles in the nearby churchyard, since then it has sat on top of a wall in my workshop. I have never even been to Italy.
The point of all this is that i have just bought and read issue 1 of Italian Motor a new magazine devoted to Italian motorised classics and it has made me want a little MV or Ducati single to languish in my shed. The mag is produced by freelance motoring journalist and photographer Adam Bolton (brother to Guy of GKM) so as you can imagine its a good read even if you have (or had) no real interest in Italian bikes. You can get a copy through his blog, look right to my blog list.
The photo at the bottom is of a Maserati 50cc and the story of the amount of time and money that went into its rebuild is fascinating, the owner even went to the lengths of having a new frame made in a country thousands of miles away and had all the fasteners turned by hand to match the originals. I think i am going over the top when i paint my exhausts with PJ1.

Recommended reading.

Sunday 20 June 2010


Classic 70s Bates jacket, small size (Label says 38" but i recon nearer 36"). No rips,tears or repairs, all zips and fastners A1. £100 including post to anywhere in the world.

Damen (Dutch) 70s or early 80s jacket, couple of scuffs but nothing too bad, small size (36"), all zips and fastners spot on. £65 including post worldwide.

Mail me on


Today is fathers day in the UK and these are the two girls that make me a proud father.

Rebecca Mary, 27, likes holidays, snowboarding, mountain biking and rugby, hopefully a fully qualified accountant by the end of this year.

Ellis Rose Christine, 18 (we had a lot of names to use up). Just finished her A levels and soon to start an honours degree course in costume design and manufacture.

No, i have no idea how they ended up so pretty either.

Saturday 19 June 2010


In Helmsley market place today.

Comments to be based on wouldnt mind a tug off them etc etc...........

Friday 18 June 2010


Now trying the gentle loving approach after pushing the animal a mile and a half this morning..

Wednesday 16 June 2010


Didnt really want to have to but i am learning...

60s TV

My first memory of TV as a kid was probably Popeye but he didn't have a hotrod so i had to wait untill the mid 60s for The Monkees and The Munsters. Both had the advantage of being on the BBC, although we were poor and lived in a shoe box int middle oft' road we had middle class aspirations and ITV was rather frowned upon at Stansfield towers.
The Monkees were pretty dire, allegedly they didnt play their instruments, they couldnt act and the scripts were crap but they drove and rode about a lot in the California sun being chased by baddies. Their own car was a GTO unsubtly modified by the legend George Barris. I dont know or really care what became of them apart from Mike Nesmith (one with the wooly hat) who "invented" MTV and regularly competed on the BAJA 1000 in obscenely fast V8 trucks so not all bad.
The Munsters were like the Adams family but better (Adams family were on ITV so it stands to reason) and their cars, also Barris creations were awesome.

One episode even had a match race between the Munster Koach and Dragula, possibly the first drag race i ever saw.
Here is some rare* footage
Kids nowadays eh ? dont know what yer missing, when did you see Postman Pat and Jess polishing the bugcatcher on their Hemi ?

* How can it be rare footage if it is on Youtube for billions of people to watch ?