Thursday 31 March 2011


The '66 T120 motor had been dry and unturned for anything up to 30 years and was siezed. With a lot of presuasion it came apart and really wasnt that bad, all bearings were good, bores just needed a hone and new piston rings. The gearbox was pretty rusty and i had to swap a few gears from another i had in bits. I added a belt drive to the clutch and a Hunt mag and swapped the head for a TR6 single carb to keep things simple.


I bought this chop as a fairly complete project just over a year ago and the rebuild has been covered by Greasy Kulture magazine from the start right up to a full feature of the finished bike in the new issue out tomorrow. If you subscribe you will know all this, if you dont here is a years work in a couple of days....
The brief history i got with the bike was that it had been built in the States around 1975 but had spent most of its life hanging up in a bar before being imported to the UK in the early '90s. It had passed through 3 owners but none of them had done anything constructive with it apart from putting Harley Davidson stickers on the tank.

First job was to loosely assemble the rolling chassis and get some idea of the stance and wheel sizes needed, i didnt really want to alter the rake as the gooseneck looked to have been a good job when it was originally done. The frame is the original '66 Bonneville with a J&D hardtail. Springer front end is by Fury Industries. Once it was stripped it looked well out of line so i had it jigged by local bike shop JW Motorcycles. Brackets were welded on for head steady, sidestand and lock stops none of which it seemed to have ever had. It was powder coated then after a bit of Filler/Bondo/Pon/Gobber/Bog depending on where you live, painted gloss black.


Craig sent me a photo of his Ariel Red Hunter in exchange for some stickers (readers rides 4), then another of his wife on a Shovelhead (RR 8), and since then he's sent a few more of his bikes....

and i know there are more....

Tuesday 29 March 2011


Clem Johnson's beautiful Barn Job Vincent, built in 1960. 1600cc in a home made alloy frame and forks. He ran a best of 9.82 with it @ an amazing 151mph.

In 1980 it was still racing in a much altered form and using a blower, no ET shown but 185mph terminal was plenty fast in an open face lid and jockey goggles.

Thanks to Guy at GKM for the original article taken from Hot Rod magazine 1964.

I am told that one of the bikes on this little film is Barn Job, cant really identify it but good nostalgic footage anyway. Shame there is no sound.


Sick, thats sick not sick...or is it ?

Sunday 27 March 2011


I predict a riot..


The smaller of Whitby's two Goth fests was this weekend, a bloody cold ride over the moors this morning but clear skys and sunshine brought out a good assortment of cheerful undead. More photos later in the week. Click on the "Goths" label at the bottom if you missed last years.

Saturday 26 March 2011


And you still would.


Guy's 2003 SV650S, 12,000 miles, just been serviced and full yrs MOT, Fuel can and new fairing lowers, genuinely immaculate, £2,000. Contact me

And all this...............

Friday 25 March 2011


Although i have plenty of other things i should be doing i spent a day this week on the Triumph drag bike (it needs a name). This is where we are today...


Half a ton of Bantam parts, going cheep....


Clubman M £150, Open face L £120.

Thursday 24 March 2011


The sun is still shining, rode through to Leeds first thing, then to Scarborough for a coffee at The Oasis, parked next to an old Yam whose owner said his bike looked shit compared to the Tuono (it did).

Then on to Helmsley and parked next to a brand spanker RSV4, voted "the best sportsbike of 2010" he told me, i didnt point out that it is now 2011 and his £11,000 toy is already destined for obsolescence.

Helmet kill in March. Get out there and make the most of it.