Monday 25 June 2012


681 miles (plus diversions for getting lost, finding fuel, mending bike). Starts Wednesday. Carol Nash stay close to the 'phone 


 Barry has a couple of his bikes for sale. Late 40s Military M20, rebuilt gearbox and top end of engine. Few little jobs needed to finish. Asking £2,950 which i recon is cheap.

Greeves with Triumph 500 engine, built for hillclimbs and sprints but only used once, lovely bike, so clean its been living in the house. £2,200.
I took these photos this morning and both are probably even better than they look in the pics. Give Barry a ring on 07989736689 if you are interested, he lives about 3 miles from me (YO17).

Sunday 24 June 2012


Triumphs were always great 1/4 milers, its after that the trouble starts.

Saturday 23 June 2012


Someone came to look at the ironhead Sportster i have for sale. I left it idling in the yard then it stopped, then the starter jammed, except it didn't. At least now i know it has Wiseco pistons, one anyway.

Friday 22 June 2012


Geoff is compiling a file of biker clothing misdemeanours and we need your help. If you see anyone at a local bike night or rally that needs a word from the bikegear fashion police take a quick pic (pretend you are photographing their bike and they get all proud and helpful) and before you laugh too much at chunky girls in chaps remember not everyone looks a dude in a trucker hat and cutoff.  No one is safe, mail 'em and shame 'em to

Thursday 21 June 2012

Closer to the Hedge

A lap of the TT circuit on mobility scooters. Closer to the Hedge - experience the blood, the sweat, and the leaking colostomy bags at the world's premier motorsport event for the nearly dead.
Someone had to do it..


Bens' fastback on its 50th birthday enjoying the Southampton sun.

Paul, Ripon. Takes you out, feeds you, gives you shelter, makes you drink Absinthe. Not in that order.

Dave, Brighton MA heading off for the weekend.

Jons' "new" Norton, Sutton Bank, North Yorks

Lindsey and the pink plug leads, Kirkbymoorside.

Marcos, Spain.

Marius, Norway, just one of his Brit bike collection

Ratchet, planet EtR.

Guardian Angel.

Usual deal, send me a photo or two of your bike/life i send you stickers.

Wednesday 20 June 2012


I know we have just had one but.............
Sam Matthewman, yesterday. Fuck me

Update, Olivers Mount Hillclimb Wednesday, 1st o/all, new hill record.

EPSOM SALT Peter Allan's bid to take records at Bonneville this year with a Triumph built by Baron's Speed Shop. Knowing Peter (and Dick) this isn't an idle threat. Follow the story at epsomsalt


While Will and Spit made it to the campsite on Friday without too much bother no one told us the show had been moved from its usual place to a bit of field near the main concrete road so bikes didn't get too dirty. They took the pretty route through the main trade area (see Bikes without muguards post from Sunday) but the judges saw through the shite and they both got awards. BSH don't do the usual categories at the Farmyard show but Spit got biggest bloke on a peppermint Honda.

Tuesday 19 June 2012


Haven't had a modern big bike since i sold the Tuono back end of last year and was going to just stick with my Triumphs but i gave in and bought this 1300SP. Just jumped forward 50 years in a couple of days and it is noticeable... heated grips, a rack, mirrors, silencers, indicators even lights, what will they think of next ?
I have spent the last 2 months finding, altering and working on a bike to hopefully get me to mid France next week, this thing was half the price and would probably take me round the world.


A suitably expensive looking Triton 'cos today is the day Google finally gave me the "no more photos 'till you pay" word, so thats it, we are now officially a professional blog. Thanks to everyone who bought Ts in support....still got some left though...

Monday 18 June 2012


Sorry forgot to put this on last week, Scarborough bike week started on Saturday with hill climbs at Dalby North tomorrow (19th) and Olivers Mount Wednesday and Thursday with the Barry Sheene race meeting at the weekend including the parade of 1000 bikes round Scarborough seafront on Saturday evening.  All the usuals will be at the hillclimbs including Fast Sam who was at Epynt last weekend.

Full details on Auto 66 club website


It rained, a lot, all day. Why are the bar staff always the happiest (and prettiest) people at a bike rally ?

Friday 15 June 2012


Ash and Barrys Retro car/bike meet at Wombleton this weekend postponed due to waterlogged field. New date will be announced soon. Farmyard Party most definitely on though, see you there..

Thursday 14 June 2012


The first ever live drag racing on US TV in 1961. 50 years on to my knowledge we still havent had live drag racing on UK TV and probably never will.
Great hat !

Wednesday 13 June 2012


3" front and 5.5" rear x 18". were last fitted to GSXR1100 Slabside. Later rolled edge type. Front has a dent. Rear has a couple of dents, some rivets missing and others that have been replaced with nuts and bolts. Both need repaint or powder coating.
 Need some work but nothing major and you wont find any more certainly not at this price.
£450 + Post anywhere.

Tuesday 12 June 2012


Spurred on (OK i just copied) by Toms beautiful Roboto's i had a go at one of my own. This is Bonnie De'Ville, mainly a piston, inlet valves and broken rocker all from my chop plus a kickstart quadrant, chain adjuster, clutch arm and various other Triumph bits. Sometimes if you have a crap unreliable bike its not all bad.
 Bonnie likes swarf with lots of salt and suffers badly from incontinence, but he always looks good. He is just a basic little 'bot but i do have another piston....


The Solvol sisters.

Monday 11 June 2012


It was all i hoped it would be, but moist. I could try to fix the roof but every other day of the week is fine, yeah.

Can't do any more to the Linkert Triumph 'till i get a new gearbox oil seal. It was ready to go a week ago, now it has loose exhaust and inlet stubs, leaking gearbox and primary cases, shagged drive chain and a hole in the tank. The tank is mended but i sat this one on anyway because sitting different tanks on bikes is easy. I could tidy up the workshop and strip one of the three bikes sat waiting but instead i made a Tom inspired robot, no photos yet as i stripped him down for a final build. You can see the dry build on my Instagram at eattherichuk, yes sad.
The Mamas and Papas didnt have a line about Instagram.

Sometimes it just turns out that way.

Is this just the gayest post i have ever done ?


 V5c's, all off scrapped frames no longer in use.
Harley SLK***W 1980. 1000cc. £1,000. Triumph XBM**K Reg 1980 declared manufactured '72. 650cc. £225. Triumph WNL***A, 1963, original number. 750cc. £250. Triumph ***YMY 1960. Original number, 650cc. £550.

 Ensign 19" road legal knobblies, as new. 350 x 19 and 400 x 19. £40 each.

Original banana seats, £50 rear, £40 front. Both spot on.

All + post.

Sunday 10 June 2012


"Can you see my thong when i bend over ?"
"What thong ?"