Friday 29 November 2013


5.5" J rear, 3.5"J front x 17". Excellent condition, rolled edge, only ever had these wets fitted. I did a lot of chasing to get these chickens so they won't come cheap but if you love them as much as me you will be happy to part with your wedge. £650 the pair, post anywhere.  SOLD


Guy does all my blasting and powder coating here in Malton, this is his RGS replica finished last week.

Thursday 28 November 2013


Original '70s custom hub laced with polished stainless steel spokes to new steel rim powder coated gloss black. Full Hurst Airheart front brake set up, was used with this wheel. £200 each. Post Worldwide BRAKE SOLD


Pre-Monobloc, chromed body with brass slide and fittings. Stamped 10MD DW 9603 and M90 M9D. 1" bore and 1.25" id where it fits over inlet stub. SOLD
Pair of R928 Concentric chrome bodies, no slides. 1" bore.
R930 Concentric, was on my green chop (Triumph 650) a lot of work has gone into this carb to make it run A1. Complete with finned top, gauze bellmouth and twistgrip/cable. SOLD
All for sale apart from Monoblocs in top photo, can post Worldwide 

Wednesday 27 November 2013


 Always immaculately prepared and maintained John's home built bike ran a best of 8.39 this year. Its come a long way since he and his dad first went to Santa Pod 7 years ago.
Bottom two photos by Dave Manning.


Chris has this NOS 5.5" x 17" Astralite for sale. Contact him at

Sunday 24 November 2013


In July 2011 Brian bought this T100 off me, he just sent me an update !


Last Friday Chris, Guy and i had a day at Pete Boast's Flat Track training school. Everyone who's ever been has told us how good it is and we were not disappointed. Proper individual tuition from proper blokes. The bikes are 230cc CCMs, quite quick enough for the indoor venue and pretty much bomb proof. Our man was Tris Palmer, British Superstock and Superbike rider " i gave up Motocross at 15 'cos my shoulders kept coming out", one tutor for 3 pupils, i doubt if you would get that kind of attention anywhere else.
 My day started with being told by Steve Plater that i sat on a bike like a "right lazy bastard" and ended with him dragging the same bike off me after going for a gap that didn't exist. Loads of bike time, all on the loose on ever increasing track lengths until being sent out 4 bikes at a time full track.
 A totally brilliant day, my back, legs and head still ache but in a rather satisfying way..
 Get all the info here then do it !

Thursday 21 November 2013


After a tip off and intro from Justin, Drew and T (me n' Alioli) did a 12 hour door to door trip to Hampshire yesterday to buy this lot from the garage of a deceased practising jumbler. There is a bit of everything, two Norton 88 motors, two 250 Velocette GTP engines and boxes (thanks Walt for the info), Triumph T80 Girder, wheels and mudguards, ZB cases, 500 Speed Twin barrels and head, rigid Triumph gearbox, dolls head and laydown Norton gearboxes, magnetos, carbs, dynamos, Altette horns.....and more, lots more (this means I don't know what it is) most of it pre-war.
  Its going to be a fun week.
*Salvage Hunters, Quest Channel 9.00om Monday night but repeated plenty throughout the week. Unmissable.
*Alioli drove all the way to save my broken back for a day at Pete Boast's flat track school tomorrow. Seems to have done the trick. She's a good girl.

Tuesday 19 November 2013


I once sold a car to a blind man who ran his hands over the bodywork and pointed out what parts needed attention, his driver went in the house and had a cup of tea, he said he knew nothing about cars.


Nimbus Ed's new masterpiece.
 I am having problems with Vimeo vids, if at first it shows a different film just refresh the page and it should work. Please let me know if it doesnt.

Monday 18 November 2013


The best things by far about having a blog are the friends you make as a result. Almost every time i go to Newark Autojumble i am asked by someone if i am Pete Stansfield, not even sure how they know what i look like but whether i am buying or selling i end up in conversation with someone who knows whats going on at my workshop.
  Yesterday as i got out of the van, exchanged good mornings and had a moan about the price of tea with the people on the next stall it soon became apparent that Andy and his friends Jim and Sal followed EtR and also have their own blog at turns out we had all been at Sideburn's events and have a mutual appreciation of Marrakesh as well as the usual shed full of unfinished projects.
  Around midmorning i was presented with a cup of the super expensive tea by Dave Bevan and his lovely lady (i am so crap with names, sorry). Daves poetry and Bantam adventures have been the subject of posts on here and on Guys GKM over the past couple of years and Dave's Gardening/Skating/Stinkwheel exploits live in a corner of Blogworld called Happy Going Nowhere We always seem to go to the same places but at different times so it was great to finally meet up.
 The Trip Out's own Estelle, Loggy and John came by shortly after, having bought a fireplace, psychedelic oil tank and a stuffed squirrel (if you know them you won't even question the truth in that) . Hit the Estelle tag below, again people i met as a direct result of her pipe smoking on this blog back in 2010. The same girl put a status on FB last week saying she was shy and self conscious, yes dear.
 All of this reminds me i must get round to making a new blog list, definitely do it next week.,,,

Friday 15 November 2013


chopper/board track/custom whatever. Opinions are split. Make your own mind up, maybe even buy it on UK eBay now.
Its nothing to do with me...


Chris (same Triton Chris from Tuesday) also has his Triumph Sprint/Drag rolling chassis for sale. Pukka frame, plates take Pre-Unit 650 and Norton box. £2,500. mail

Wednesday 13 November 2013



Tomcat from Laimont in NE France sent me details of his GSXR11. 8 years in the making so far, it will be worth it TC. 

Monday 11 November 2013


Chris is selling this Triton ex racer, good spec 650 pre-unit, RRT2, Wideline, Dunlop rims, Chrono clocks, original '54 registered, all the right parts. Owned by him and his dad for over 25 years but it has to go to fund other projects. £7,000 firm (if youve checked out the going rate for an RRT2 box recently you will know that is not expensive). I have had the details and photos on my computer now tempting me for a couple of weeks but ive got to stick with the plan ! Chris is in Suffolk and you can contact him at

Sunday 10 November 2013


So now you've maybe had your last ride of the year and disappeared into the workshop/shed/garage for winter; ever wondered what your neighbours are thinking as their curtains twitch ?

Thursday 7 November 2013


Shame to pull it to bits ? not at all, i have sold almost every bike iv'e ever built as parts and on the rare occasion they have gone complete i have always been disappointed with the way they have been looked after and maintained. So here we go... don't really intend to keep any of it so if there are any parts you need mail me on Look back at the photos and spec from a couple of weeks ago to see what's what.

Sunday 3 November 2013


Not the organisers choice but definitely mine. Spoke the the owner/builder (from Middlesborough, sorry i forgot your name) for a short while but had to dash as the rain was approaching fast, top bloke, top car. I still got wet.


Imagine a custom show at the North Yorkshire seaside on a bleak November day,  completely free and populated by thousands of promenading Goths. It was bloody great.
There were only two m'cycles, Peter Pan and me but we were popular !
 More photos later.