Wednesday 29 February 2012


Robert from Livonia Mi. built the Read Titan CB750 cafe racer above and also a Rickman version that was on here a while back. When Craig Vetter saw his work he commisioned Robert to restore his old Rickman Z that was sitting in a sad state in the AMA museum. The top photo shows the finished article. The full story of the bike and the restoration can be seen on Vetters own website. Its a good read if you have a few minutes to spare.


This week, 1991 GSXR1100M. 1216 Engine by Holeshot Racing, Wisecos, flowed head with multiangle seats, new Barnett clutch, NRC cases, 40s with Dynojet kit, Polygon braced swingarm, Hagon shock, Martek top yoke and light bracket clamps, recently recon forks, full Viper St/St system, braided hoses, Braided steel oil cooler conversion with lines, ABE wavy discs, Renthal's blah blah. All parts available

Monday 27 February 2012


Nordub, Neetle, Dubton ?


Happy Triton Tuesday.


'55 Wideline Dominator chassis, Manx spec forks, Manx magnesium front brake, Borranis, Fred Barlow (Diedre's dad ?) built competition spec 750 Atlas motor and box with Hemmings belt drive and clutch. Built in '71, rebuilt in '86 then left in a shed while the owner went abroad for a year (and came back 10 yrs later). I would say its for sale but i just sold it, sorry.

Sunday 26 February 2012


Ian Holden's Purple Haze from around 1977. Ok it wasnt purple but there must've been quite a haze going on when he thought this up. He made everything, obviously, where would you buy anything like this ?.
The motor was a 650 Bonneville with a Rickman 8 valve conversion, it usually annoys me when people look at chops and customs and say thats a waste of a good engine but ....

Friday 24 February 2012


The clue is in the name...

Mechanic: No big problem miss just shit in yer carb.
Miss: Oh OK how often do i have to do that ?


The Holy Grail of the Astralite family, pair of 3" and 5.5" rolled edge 17s. Reassuringly expensive.

Thursday 23 February 2012


"What have you being doing with your time? Eating big piles of chipped potatoes? Watching substandard football on TV? Erroneously imagining the non-riff-based travesty that is modern rock music to be exciting?" (in a Swedish/Wolverhampton accent).

Howlin' Pelle, Vigilante Carlstroem and Dr Matt Destruction, how could they not be good ?...with Jools 10 years ago, proof that you dont have to be a technical genius or have the voice of an angel to make exciting and memorable music.


Another Leon Wallace built chop photographed by Phil on Wimbledon Common in 1975. The mans own words "A stunning machine for its time, very bright and tidy, practical New England as opposed to whacky California. Seriously if you like British bikes it makes you wonder why Ray and John ever bothered with Harleys"

Wednesday 22 February 2012


Plenty of gear to sell and a little 1940s 3T motor in to rebuild.

Had a short ride out on the A10 yesterday and its fine but so slow, currently checking the valve and ignition timing but really struggling to time the cam up as the marks on the idler dont correspond with the ones on the crank and cam wheels, any A10 experts out there ?
5.00 pm update, sat for a while and used some logic, valve timing was 2 teeth out, done, sorted, goes like a train (an old, dirty, oily train, the best kind)

The rear wheel spindle has always been a bastard on the chop, the threads are poor and all 4 nuts are worn so i am converting it to use one off a GSXR1100 to keep things simple (and ive got tons of 'em)

Neither drag bike has moved for a few weeks while i struggle for motivation.

Somewhere there is a place where you only have one bike and it is always on the road...


Where two stroke haze meets acid trip this wonderful creature is for sale by
Two Wheel Spares of Stoke. Plase dont restore it.

Tuesday 21 February 2012


From Street Chopper and Choppers magazine, more UK stuff from Phil Mathers dungeon tomorrow

Monday 20 February 2012


Red tank Tuesday.


4" x 18" drag slicks havent been available for many years but you can now get 'em new in the UK from Dick at Barons Speed Shop
I still have a pair of new original Avon and an M&H slicks to go at but being over 30 yrs old they are like bakelite. Been reading up about softening old rubber and Turpentine seems to be usual way to go, anyone got any tips ?

Sunday 19 February 2012


My favourite from the Rearview Mirror series, built by Glenn Jollife up here in the North East using a BSA frame and gearbox and Custom Cycles Springer with just about everything else being home made. Phil took these photos just after the '76 London Custom Car Show.

Saturday 18 February 2012


Called in at Vic and Lins' Destiny Cycles this morning just in time to see their latest Sportster depart to its happy owner. Detailing is taken to a whole new level here, notice how the fins are removed from the base of each cylinder, a days work for each pot, and Vic's days are not 6 hours ...


GSXR1000 K6 front end with radial calipers, trick megga yokes. Was on Z1000. On ebay after the weekend.


Serious shocks, Ohlins for Ducati and Elka off Fireblade. Both are 300mm centre to centre with 10mm eyelets so will easy adapt to fit lots of specials and streetfighters. Nearly 2 grands worth when new.


Full rear end, as new hardtail for 60s Triumph, Triumph 16" Q/D wheel, new Avon SM2 and wild mudguard. Make your life a little easier buy the lot ready to fit £300.

Thursday 16 February 2012


New in today.
A selection of lovely bubbles. Vari tint in green/orange/yellow and red (my fave)
Solid tint in turqoise/orange/dark black. all £22 each.
One only in gold mirror, awesome £25.
Be a Yellow vari tint and gold mirror now sold

As worn by

Sorry no more bubble goggles yet, still trying...


Andy Thorntons, Rose Apothecary, Emm n' Charl, cake off and a big fat gypsy birthday.