Tuesday 31 August 2010



Most people i know have done it at sometime or other but until last night i never have. This is my new van, it goes well BUT not on petrol.

I set off to South Yorkshire to collect a bike, filled up with £40 of fuel and got 5 miles out of Malton before grinding to a halt. I had no telephone service so left the van and walked a mile or so to call Alison who borrowed a Transit and came and towed me in (we have been married a long time, she is pretty used to this sort of thing). When we were ready to set off however a guy came up looking a bit sheepish and said he had called the police as his back door was open and with there being an unoccupied white Transit parked nearby he assumed he was being robbed, a few minutes later two cop cars hurtled up with flashing lights ready to cart us off as vagrant good for nothing tinkers. Luckily they were happy with my explanation and went off to check on the guys house.
I have spent all morning pumping out the tank, changing the filter and cleaning the fuel lines so its now a runner again.
According to my daughter i am a tool, probably right !

Monday 30 August 2010


My mother in 1953/54 with my dads' first car (MG) and a small boy she once owned.

Sunday 29 August 2010


A bunch of us went to Colne for the Blues Festival yesterday and to celebrate Li'l Robs imminent departure to Australia. The first 30 miles were warm and sunny, then it rained, a lot.
Good times...

Saturday 28 August 2010


Scarlett stayed for a couple of days at the end of her British tour of excellence and i took her to meet Rob (Robs Railton, Robs bike etc etc), i had asked if he could spare her half an hour or so, she stayed for 4 hours while he opened up more and more old sheds to show her stuff i never knew he had.

I think Rob and wife Bridget now have an adopted daughter..

Read all about it on
Dirty Bobbers forum and in future issues of Dirty Mag

Have a look at Scarlett's superb work on her website

Friday 27 August 2010


Just found these photos of my Zeph in about 1985, i drove it round in primer mostly but had to paint it to sell as the rat look wasn't really the thing back then. It looks a lot better than it really was, before i got it kids had run around on the roof, bonnet and boot lid so it was never pristine !

Thursday 26 August 2010

Wednesday 25 August 2010


I was round at Robs for a coffee this morning (see Robs Railton 15th April/12th July) and he produced a scruffy little book he's had for years called Best Hot Rods by Eugene Jaderquist published in 1953 by Arco publishing. Just superb, i have never seen any of the photos from it anywhere else before, heres a taster. Loads more to come, its full of home built flathead rails and salt racers, tuning equipment etc

Googling the book title brought up one copy for sale at a specialist motoring book shop, i have just rung them, its been sold. If you can find a copy buy it.


Went for a jolly down to Bromsgrove yesterday afternoon with Guy, he was shooting Benny and Zip's superb bikes for GKM magazine. Bloody cold for August but kept warm with plenty of Bobbys Yorkshire tea.

I really didnt like to ask !

Tuesday 24 August 2010



Mick "Wizz" Winyard races this beautiful GSXR Slabside Turbo mainly in Straightliners events. The photos (taken at Elvington earlier this year) are actually of two bikes, top is this years and bottom is his old bike. Wizz does everything himself and while all around him are spending huge money on Turbo 'busas Micks budget is relatively tiny.....and he wins. Regular mid 8 second quarters on a 25 year old street bike, eat the rich.

Monday 23 August 2010


Lovely sunny ride out to Scarborough yesterday for the final Olivers Mount hillclimb of this year. Supercharged Sam won by 4/10s from Supersmooth Stu. Watch out for a feature on Sams' fabulous blown TL in Performance Bikes soon, but remember it was on here first (see 7th July post) !

Top photo by Sally Mills.


Originally a FXR 1980, properly registered with original 5 digit number.
93ci S&S stroker motor, Sifton Warrior cam, twin plug heads, S&S Super E carb, Dyna elec ignition with 3.0ohm twin fire coils, drag pipes, recent clutch plates (fibre and steels) engine sprocket and primary chain, alloy clutch cover pressure plate and needle roller centre conversion, CCi chrome inner primary cover, proper rose jointed gear linkage instead of pressed steel standard thing, DID "O" ring drive chain. kickstart only. Damage to gearbox (needs 2 gears) which is currently out of the bike.
Standard frame with earlier 60s type swingarm, 12" heavy duty shocks with top covers, billet rear caliper + rose jointed torque arm, recent new discs front and rear, '99 duo Glide forks and modded yokes, GSXR1100 front caliper, braided brake lines, ETR bars with Lowrider Mania grips, 16" 60s Glide wheels with excellent Avon SM2 tyres, Butlers saucer light with 70s cast alloy number plate/light mount, shortened bobbed rear guard with modified side brackets, Biltwell seat with rubber mounts, Smiths small speedo (doesnt work), brass footrests battery tray mount and gear lever.
Prof painted VW beetle grey. MOT April 2011, tax Sept 2010.
Daikoube and Hawgholic stickers !
Too many other projects, ideas and irons in the fire....
£6,000. tri650@live.co.uk

Sunday 22 August 2010


While we were on holiday in Wales earlier this month i went to the first day of the Autograss Nationals which were held this year near Hereford. I havent been to a big Autograss meeting for a few years and the standards of car preparation and presentation get better all the time. Unfortunately the cost gets higher and the back street ingenuity less, still it was refreshing to see this Moggy in class 3 (unlimited front engined rear wheel drive saloons), basically spaceframe front end housing a big cc Vauxhall 16v with 5 linked Atlas at the back. Dont think he made the final but was the highlight of my day.
Photo by Jeffrey Parrish of Autograss Review magazine.


Customer: Good morning, do you have a set of Springer forks between 36" and 36.5" long measured from top yoke to spindle please?
Roy: Just a minute sir, Margaret, MARGARET, have we got a set of Springer forks between 36" and 36.5" long measured from top yoke to spindle ?
Margaret: Black or Chrome ?
Roy: Black or Chrome?
Customer: Chrome, and straight leg.
Roy: Margaret, MARGARET, Chrome and Straight leg ?
Margaret: Wide or narrow ?
Roy: Wide or narrow ?
Customer: Narrow and with gold springs...............................

Friday 20 August 2010


£35 each pair. Post in UK will be £10 but can post worldwide. TOP SET SOLD


Borrani 3" x 16" 40 hole. £60. SOLD

Dunlop 2.5" x 16" 40 hole. £50.SOLD

Post worldwide, Paypal payment. tri650@live.co.uk

Thursday 19 August 2010


Here is one very talented and clever bloke, Olli is an artist from Slovenia, have a look through his website here
but especially go to Bicycles - Sidewalk Surfer.
Impressed? you will be.


This is what a girl looks like when she has just found out she has got two A's (one with star) and a B in her A level exams.....and she comes out to pick her dad up when his bike breaks down.


Some fairings from the shed, top is off Terry Revill's Norton Comp Drag bike, second was once on a Bultaco Metralla racer and last is just an old cafe racer one i bought because of the scallops moulded into the sides. All late 60s i would guess.
All three came from various Autojumbles over the years. Just more tat ive bought but cant bring myself to sell on.