Friday 30 November 2012


3" x 16" and 1.5" x 21" deep flanged 40 hole Borrani rims. Offers of the serious kind to

Been asked if the front is WM0 or WM1, 0 is 1.4" id and 1 is 1.6", will have a better measure tomorrow but would guess at WM1. Rear is WM5.

Thursday 29 November 2012


"Best bike" at Linkert Attacks '12. Green grass, leaves on trees, warm evenings.............

Wednesday 28 November 2012


 After many years of ownership Mike is finally selling his V8 Escort. Beautifully built car, Rover 3.5 with manual box, 4HA axle, full Bilstein suspension etc...if an Escort should have it its got it and more. Contact him direct at
Car is in Malton, North Yorks, nowhere near a river...

Carl has his mad 1200 triumph project for sale, Talk to him at


Yes we have, no not personally and the Police are controlling the situation by waving their arms a lot. -2 tonight and its still coming up at 2cms an hour.....

Monday 26 November 2012


 Dutch entered Healey 3000, not the fastest but the best sounding car in the rally.
Even better than Steve Perez' Stratos, things always look nearer through the viewfinder, really..

Both photos by DigitalCG


All alloy T100 competition engine for sale. Polished crank, 3134 cams, R followers, lightened cam wheels, +20 pistons. Stripped to inspect, all looks good. £800. Can ship to EU.


 Engine for Old Blu' now rebuilt with 3134s and BTH mag. Took a more technical approach to valve timing with the reverse head so hopefully it will now rip skin of rice puddings.  Rear wheel straightened and ready to take a new Coker. Next viewing will be of the frame (you will be impressed).

 Chopper Evo2 seems to run fine, just waiting for a dry day to test ride. Might still sell it, might not.....

Thursday 22 November 2012


Bought a Triton from Dennis in Hexham yesterday, 750 T140, 5 speed, alloy tanks, wideline frame etc rode it this morning to remind me just how uncomfortable a bike can be, splitting it next week. In the corner of his workshop were two Gold Stars he has owned and developed for years, i don't just want one i need one.

Tuesday 20 November 2012


The cleverly named RAC Rally is Europe's premier historic forest rally and takes place in the North East and Southern Scotland this weekend. Details of where to go and who to see here
Historic rallying is supposedly a re-creation of what we did in the 70s, but instead of young men in battered cars it is now middle aged wealthy men in replicas of works cars that cost more than a small house. Still worth putting on all your clothes and sitting in a forest for a few hours though.

Video is from last years event and photo is of young men in a battered car in Broxa Forest in '76/'77.  Car was a Twin Cam, worth about £1,500 then and £30,000 now. I think we broke a halfshaft...


 Oh dear, reverse head, it'll burn valves out, you will never get the mixture right, looks stupid, just why would you ?

I have another Triton coming in tomorrow, Wideline, T140, 5 speed. I should keep it, i deserve it but more likely it will be coming to bits.

Monday 19 November 2012


EtR's most viewed post ever,  a couple of years ago i posted some Wray and Nephew Calendars, 1,726 hits !
For some reason these are very collectable, here's a couple more. Promise i wont do it again...


Good day at a busy Newark yesterday, bought a smart headlight for Old Blu' (smart as in looks like its been kicked round the world a couple of times) and this lot. Dunlop suspension turntables, early Bell Star, big SU, Dyna coil, two '50s Lucas lamps, NOS nitrous kit, pr of Robbie Beckett expansion boxes for RD, two sets of alloy injector stacks (Lucas/Hilborn and Jenvey) and an original never been fitted John Player Norton fairing. Sometimes people ask what parts i speciaise in !
Stake a claim or see my eBay sales from tonight.

Saturday 17 November 2012


Willi's photos from Whitby Kustom a couple of weeks ago plus his own Dodge truck as it came in from the US and as it is now having a little stretch. On the road for Easter with diesel power.

Friday 16 November 2012


Four great little bikes from this years Hayride. Big isn't always clever.

Thursday 15 November 2012


What's on TV tonight ? dont bother just watch this. The best car in the world, ever. The original here

Your speakers now love you.......

Wednesday 14 November 2012


Guy and i went to Bonhams sale at Harrogate today but instead of coming home with just the usual amazement at how much people will pay for rusty shit i actually bought something. Not a shiny Sunbeam or an artistic masterpiece (seemingly painted by a blind child) but a box of '70s helmets with TT history and how long is it since you saw a Turbo visor ?
More of the day on Instagram (Greasykulture and Eattherichuk) .
Helmet collectors have your bidding fingers ready....

* Update. The 1923 Deemster, top pic, made £3,700, the '36 Bentley £13,500, the work of art £12 and the '32 Sunbeam 350 £5750, cheap.

Tuesday 13 November 2012


I have been looking to buy a bike near Frome to give me an excuse to call into Chris' new coffee lounge Crocker and Woods . Definitely on my list of places to go once i've dug out my white suit and slip ons...


"What will you do when you run out of Tritons ?"  It will never happen. We've had just short of 170 so far and i recon we will run out of Tuesdays first. These are three of my favourites, for three different reasons, from the unused photos i have on file.

Monday 12 November 2012


At the back end of last week i stripped the motor that was in the blue framed bike.  The only info the previous owner had was that it was 700cc and had a Morgo oil pump but he had never checked. It went pretty well but it did smoke on the left pot, mostly on the over-run so i guessed at worn exhaust guides. Standard Hepolites +60 so no big wins there but when i went further sure it had a Morgo pump but a rotary one and Morgo rods with a nice balanced one piece crank into the bargain. Cams are 3325 which are Sports/Touring according to my list.

 I popped a piston off then came to do the other but couldn't get the circlips out, there weren't any, i recon the engine builder must've had a phone call about that time. The pin has been fully floating and gradually making it's mark on the bore hence the smoke. If you are building an engine turn the phone off.

 I was going to just leave the iron motor in Old Blu' alone but seeing the rest of the bike is in bits...
 Everything looks as good as it did 5 years or so ago but ive changed the 5T cams for 3134's and am getting a bit deeper into cam timing with the reverse head setup.

 5T tickler on left, 3134 rampant rabbit on right. If nothing else it will sound better.