Thursday 28 July 2011


BBC forecast for Woking.

I will be helping Guy on the GKM stand in the trade area, call by and get your magazines, T shirts and stickers (possibly some Eat the Rich Ts under the counter !).

See ya there.

Wednesday 27 July 2011


Forty years ago hippies travelling to Afghanistan and India camped at Oludeniz on the Turkish coast, back then before it bacame pizza and Sky Sports for the masses there was nothing there but a beach.
A pony tail in a colourful waistcoat told us to carry on along the coast road until it ran out then walk down a path to find Fullmoon Camp. You rent a little garden shed perched on a cliffside, eat homegrown food and peace out on a platform overlooking the sea. No golden arches at Kabak.

Tuesday 26 July 2011


Four super clean oil cooled 1100s on the OSS stand at Billing Bike Fest last week. Photos from John Mclean (top bike)


My A10, Super Rocket/RGS replica whatever. Touch under £6k takes it. SRM engine, runs sweet, rides well, MOTd and raring to go.

Monday 25 July 2011


Barry just down the road from me bought this one last week. 650 PU, AMC box, Wideline, Dunlop rims...nice.


Geoffrey, a lawn.

Brad, Texas.

Fabio, Tuscany.

Martin, South Australia.

Patrick, Noo Yoik.

Peter, Surrey.

Rob, Nottingham.

You mail me a photo with your address, i send you EtR uk stickers.

Saturday 23 July 2011


Simon's photos of a trip to Olivers Mount to see Graeme Crosby in 1979, he went on his Rickman Bonneville and had his tyres slashed on the Saturday night. We pride ourselves on our hospitality on the Yorkshire coast .

Friday 22 July 2011


Bought this with the intention of doing something with it but as i have turned over a new leaf and am no longer flitting from one thing to another its up for grabs.
It is a New Imperial 1928, Model 2, 350cc (all this is what i am told, the only evidence i have is that the engine says New Imperial on it). Engine turns and has compression, gearbox selects OK, wheels go round. Frame, forks and bars look like they have been stove enameled and are tidy. No documents.
It will cost you £1,000 which is the price of 2 nights at the Imperial Hotel, New Delhi. Room only. Offer ends when Ebay auction starts (next week).

Thursday 21 July 2011


Almost a year ago.


Nothing in this photo can convey the pain and discomfort being experienced by the rider. You dont need big balls to ride the thing you need no balls.
The oil filler cap falls off, the gear linkage is shit, the gear and brake pedals need surgery, the clipons need lifting as high as they will go, carbs poss need bigger main jets, breathers need plumbing, i need a cricket box. Oh and for some unexplained reason the gearbox keeps moving.
Valuable lessons, thanks very much to the land owner, you know who you are.


I always build bikes telling myself i am going to keep them for ever but after i've ridden them about a bit i end up selling them on and building something else. Well thats all changed.
The new mag drive still hasnt turned up from Hunt's so i stripped the top end and sorted out doing all the jobs i was saving till the end of the year. Cure the pushrod tube oil leaks, head off for new guides to the Cylinder Head Shop, fit a new rear drum/sprocket to raise the gearing, try some TT pipes, different gearbox and timing covers etc, should be back on the road for winter.
But i havent sold it !

Wednesday 20 July 2011


This is the day when a nice family who bought a nice house on Mountside, a nice quiet part of Scarborough, realise they may have dropped a huge bollock.

Hillclimb today, classic and modern, followed by a Sprint tomorrow and the Cock of The North Continental 2 day road races at the weekend. Not sure why it is Continental, i think you get a croissant inside your programme.
Photo is Mac Hobson in the early 60s at the top of Quarry Hill, it has been resurfaced since then !

If you havent been try a lap with Keith Pringle.

Tuesday 19 July 2011


I have this thing for cool little bikes and when Pat from NYC sent me photos the little 49cc board tracker he built i was proper made up. It truly is the cats tits.

Monday 18 July 2011



Thanks to Gareth of GNR Customs for the fire burn out pic.


At midday on Saturday things were looking grim but amazingly by 3.00 we had racing and blue sky which continued right through to the flame burnouts at 9.30. The weather kept many people away but it was great to walk about with the place almost ourselves. Sunday was good until a late afternoon downpour and there were more spectators about. What you missed if you stayed at home was the first running of what will become one of the biggest events in British Drag Racing.
Nostalgia is the future.

More photos later.