Monday 30 September 2013


Great day yesterday in the autumn sunshine at the first Harrogate show. I do need a better camera though !

Tuesday 24 September 2013


An eBay search for "Drag" brings up a few treasures. No new old stock 4" slicks this week but if you're after a bang tidy front bottom its your lucky day !

Im away now until next Monday, probably just as well.

Monday 23 September 2013



Triumph 750 Chopper, originally built in the '70s in the USA, imported to UK in mid '90s and fully re-built and restored by me 2 years ago using all new or reconditioned parts.
Frame: 1960s Bonneville goosenecked and fitted with a J&D hardtail. Checked on Jig, powdercoated and gloss painted and lacquered in black. Rear guard is a '50s Triumph front shortened to suit.
Wheels: 18" rear and 21" front, both rebuilt with powder coated rims and stainless steel spokes. Rear tyre is Avon SM2 4.00 x 18" and front is super rare 2.75 x 21 Speedmaster (new old stock). Front hub and brake are Hurst Airheart. Both wheels were fitted with new bearings and seals, rear converted to Suzuki spindle.
Footrests, gearlever, kickstart and rear brake linkage all bought new from Factory Metalworks in US together with brass level and sight bungs.
Fuel tank is 2.2g Paugho ribbed, painted by Dave Dickinson of Bridlington fitted with Krommet cap. Oil tank is chrome '70s Starburst with brass cap from Rock Solid Mcs Portugal.
Engine: 1966 T120R fully rebuilt, new 750 Morgo conversion, all new bearings and seals, fitted with a TR6 single carb cylinder head reconditioned by The Cylinder Head Shop, London. Oil pump is also from Morgo and a remote filter is fitted. BBB primary belt drive and Joe Hunt magneto (also new). Magneto has an engraved cast alloy cover instead of the original plastic. Primary cover is '70s MPD chrome plated. Carb is Amal Concentric on tapered inlet to compensate for angle of engine with short bellmouth and finned top. Exhausts are crossover drags again bought new from USA with Wassell large finned clamps. Gearbox is standard 4 speed but has tallest option sprocket and brake drum/sprocket, cruise at 70mph all day vibration free. All fasteners on engine and chassis are chromed or stainless steel.
Forks are 16" over Fury re-chromed and re-bushed with gold plated springs. Rockers have been recently modified and ideally need re-chroming. Sissy bar is an original 70s item extended and re-chromed. Seat is also a 70s original Drag Specialities item re trimmed in the original style. Bars are currently Zs but buyer has options of pullbacks if preferred. Horn is Italian Campanelclax.
The bike has completed under 2,000 miles since built including being ridden from North Yorkshire to Cornwall two months ago. Easy to start and ride.
It is registered as a 1959 Triumph 750 on a 6 digit number so free tax and MOT exempt. There is no charging system and no lights are fitted but should not be a problem to fit if you felt the need.
For sale only to fund new projects.
Happy to help with transportation or export.

OK, this is'nt testing the water or gauging interest, its for sale. The eBay listing will start on Sunday night 29th Sept with the reserve set at £6,000. If it doesnt make the reserve i will sell as roller or strip it fully, if you have an interest in any part/s let me know and if there are no takers you get first refusal.
Please do not comment or email me saying "thats cheap mate, i'd buy it if i had the money", but i know you will....

I shall be away from Tuesday night until Sunday so will reply to any emails when i return.

Sunday 22 September 2013


Next Sunday. A do on Saturday night and a proper undercover show where the public can go for a fiver. See Website for details.

Saturday 21 September 2013


I've been thinking about building another oil cooled 1100 GSXR based bike for a while, the main part of my business is breaking and selling parts for them but gaining the momentum to actually start one was taking a while. With Cafe racers being "on trend" a few people are supplying frames and i looked at a Featherbed replica set up as an option to the more usual Streetfighter approach but it all looked like it could get a bit out of hand.
 This bike was built by Martek in the late '90s and sold to Keith Fint off've the Prodigy. It is basically a WN750 frame hugely modified, moved headstock, braced top rails, repositioned front rails, cut outs for the turbo, full new fabb'ed rear end with a 916 arm extended by 3" incorporating an air tank for the shifter, White Power suspension front and rear, Brembos, Holeshot built turbo 1200 (ish) motor.... special and fast. Ive heard figures of just below and considerably more than £20,000.
 The Firestarter used it for a while then sold it when he got more into racing. Somewhere along the line it had Nitrous fitted, like it really needed it and some LED lights to light up the engine at night, smashing, but it has mainly sat just looking pretty. Leigh bought it after a 7 year spell in a friends front room and advertised it on eBay about 4 months ago, the winning bidder decided he had "bid in error" and it stayed put so he decided to take it for an MOT and have some fun. It passed the MOT but did not survive the journey home, Leigh now has some clever metal fabrication of his own and is unable to work for now so again put it up for sale, which is where i came in.
 The frame and forks are good but it goes downhill after that, the old girl came down pretty hard. It looks good in the photos but closer inspection there is work to do !
The Prodigy back catalogue includes Smack My Bitch Up, Take Me To The Hospital and Omen....
 Progress as it happens, or a post saying "Breaking Martek Turbo".

Friday 20 September 2013


Yes it was a long time ago and you've read about it everywhere but My friend Gareth Buddo sent me these photos of the day and they are way too good to just sit in my files.

Make plans for 2014, i am...

Thursday 19 September 2013


1990 1200 Sportster, 4 speed, chain drive. Good Tax and MOT. Bratstylised with Burley Slammer shocks, Shinko whitewall, Biltwell bars, Sully Zero seat, straight through lagged pipes, Jap style rear guard, loads more little extras. Tank and guard painted metalflake black. Recent service, gel battery, clutch hub and full charging system. On the button, easy to live with and loud !
 £3,800 yes that cheap... can orgaise delivery within UK if required.

Wednesday 18 September 2013


Or The Trip Out as they like to call it. Once again brilliantly organised and run with care and devotion by Anna, Andy, Estelle and Loggy. You know how much they care when you see them personally hoovering the grass up off the show tent carpet and collecting litter at 4.00am. None of these photos really tell how good it is, if you went you know, if not make 2014 a definite.

Monday 16 September 2013


So here we go, back with a Tuesday Triton from wonderful Trip Out a couple of weeks ago (more photos soon).
   I can promise things on here are going to change, no more dubious music, eBay shit or strange choppers, but there again..
   EtRuk will continue on Instagram with pictures of the moment while the real in depth trivia will be on here, with words and that.
  Usual stuff, if you have any good current or old original photos or relevant things for sale send them to me at T shirts, stickers and link to my eBay shop are to your right.
   Blogging is dead they say, lets see......