Wednesday, 28 July 2021



Hard to know what to say about the Mile, not a bike rally, not a race meeting, but undoubtably the friendliest bike event i've ever been to. Lovely people all trying to organise a huge number of racers ( i believe nearly 600) take part in events running up to 3 hours behind schedule but somehow it all seems to work. Please though, get a bigger bar for next year....and more food stalls.  I will be coming back !
As i was competing (queuing) i didn't get much chance to take photos but there were almost as many photographers as bikes so i'm sure you will find loads on Instagram/FB etc over the coming week. 
Of the pics i did take this lady pretty much sums it up, she is one of many happy girls all helping out non stop and always with a big smile. When you're hot and have queued for ages and your bike won't start because you haven't plugged your lanyard in a smiley face in white overalls shows up asking if you are enjoying yourself, and suddenly you are.
I had intended on racing the sprint, hill climb and Malle 100 but after some over revving on the hill and subsequent misfiring i retired for the day to spectate (and queue for a beer). 

Dead bike photo by Alison


DKW racer at the Castle Saturday night.

 *If you are American i believe you spell it queuing but we are British and we invented it so its queueing. 

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